Ecotricity Powers U.K.’s Appetite for Electric Cars

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June 9 (Bloomberg) -- Dale Vince, founder at Ecoricity, discusses his company’s network of charging stations and the growth of electric vehicles in the U.K. as Tesla delivers their first right-hand drive Model S in the country. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

You put in one of the first charging stations for electric cars.

Isn't it green is that we've now got elon musk saying that he sees the u.k. as important for him?

Is it the more the merrier or doesn't not work like that?

A few months ago, it did look like that.

We reached at t -- we reached out to tesla and said we have the infrastructure.

We said we will show you what it is all about in britain and help you build them.

More recently, that turned sour when tesla tried to go behind us and take those from us.

So the tesla supercharger network will compete with ecotricity's network?

There are 10,000 electric cars already on the road in britain.

Three different charging standards and all of our network will power all of those 14 models from five manufacturers.

The tesla charger only works for tesla.

We are happy to accommodate them.

And terms of getting to critical mass, how far away are we?

Are we entering a different phase where it will become competitive and that is why tesla has done what it has done?

Or do you think we are still a ways away from getting to cripple mass and therefore we shouldn't be acting like this?

Your sense of where we are in the evolution of this charging network.

I think deaths left -- i think tesla deftly should be acting like this because we all want the same thing.

The major japanese manufacturers have in making them for a couple of years.

There are 14 different models on the road in britain.

They are still only 10,000 cars.

But one of the big areas is the charging infrastructure, often referred to as range anxiety.

So we can see the electric highway four years ago in the ideas, if you have an electric car of any make, you can drive the length and the breadth of britain powered by the wind in the sun and that is what we are delivering.

There are a death -- a number of different models in place.

You have the hybrid with the combustion engine taking some of the drive.

You have a three-cylinder engine that acts as a sort of a generator on board the car.

You've got the pure ev's, various incarnations of this story.

How do you think it will develop from here?

How do you think those competing styles are going to come together?

Do you think pure ev is the way to go?

Lots of manufacturers are making cars with a 100 mile range.

For a lot of people, it is a perfectly practical car.

With a tesla, you have a ton of batteries in a 300-mile range but you would use it frequently.

It is a big battery that you don't use often or buy a car that is more appropriate for normal use.

Then you have these hardware's, which i think are really fantastic, the hybrid where the engine goes 01 speed and powers.

Obviously, you're competing with tesla on your electric highway versus their supercharger network.

Give us your thoughts on the car itself.

You had a 750,000 pound electric vehicle, very cool looking.

I believe it is called the nemesis.

What do you think of the model s? could this really be a mainstream car?

At that price, it can't be.

It is a top-end car.

It forms fantastically.

I've -- i love the way it digitally enables.

I think it's fantastic.

Looks wise, it is disappointing.

It could have -- it looks more like a slightly old-fashioned car.

But it is a supercar.

It does change the game and i think it will result in other manufacturers changing what they do.

Dale, a pleasure to have you on the program.

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