Economy Fundamentals Still Look Good: Zentner

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March 7 (Bloomberg) –- Morgan Stanley Senior Economist Ellen Zentner discusses the U.S. jobs report and the increase in average hourly earnings with Tom Keene and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

A glimmer, the effort towards wage growth.

It has been since forever.

Wage growth?


Alexander with us.

How big a deal if it to see a glimmer?

It is a big deal.

Outside of the weather, looking under the permafrost, the fundamentals of the economy still look good.

Today's report showed that uptake in average hourly earnings up four percent in february.

That is great news and we need more of that.

We saw bill dudley get out in front of this.

This idea of a fed beginning to change.

How much did they change?

I will tell you where they have been transitioning to.

That is looking more at measures of inflation like wage growth rather than unemployment rate to tell them if the labor market is tight.

If the labor market is not tight you do not see it pick up in wages.

Yet the unemployment rate went up.

What were looking at is, we

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