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Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Samsung and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Media will introduce a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, a 7-inch tablet combining Samsung technology and Nook content. Matt Miller reports on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Barnes & noble has not released a new tablet in years.

It has -- samsung has teamed up with it.

A drain on the company.

Barnes & noble is holding an event today in downtown manhattan and matt miller is any by with more on this story.

What are we expecting here?

What we are really expecting is samsung galaxy tablet four.

It is a tablet samsung already plans to make separately, but it will be branded here in the barnes & noble milk will run a lot of milk software.

A lot of reading content and a lot of reading software that barnes & noble has really made its name with.

It has not made its name so much with the hardware.

That is why barnes & noble is giving that up.

It has seen its own tablet sales fall.

They fell by 35% last year.

The hardware business was really just a drain on what is already of -- a tough business for barnes & noble.

It is added to make this partnership and focus on the software.

There are so many people here, it is amazing that a new note tablet would bring out this many people but it really has gotten a lot of excitement.

Why would samsung take this on when we're looking at what we consider really a shrinking tablet market, especially for reading books on tablets?

That is really the question we are all wondering.

You are seeing a shrinking growth in the tablet market.

In an interview recently, it was said tablet sales are crashing.

Corning had drastically reduced its tablet growth outlook, saying only the lower end on branded part of the market will provide 10% growth, much less than it had predicted before.

Why would samsung do this is probably the best question.

They will get at least one million sales guaranteed from barnes & noble.

The agreement includes one million tablet sales for the next year or 15 months if the sales are really bad.

Even though that is 1/8 of what they sell at samsung in a month, it is still a decent chunk of change.

Thank you so much.

Onto one of samsung's biggest rivals, apple.

Investors are buying into ceo tim cook'strategy, producing sales at an all-time high.

Because of apple's buyback program, fewer shares of apple are in the market, which means it has not eclipsed his 2012 if

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