Ebola Outbreak: Why Are Patients Coming to Atlanta?

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Aug. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Megan Hughes reports on two U.S. Ebola patients to be treated at a specialized isolation center in Atlanta. Hughes speaks on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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Thank you.

One american infected with ebola virus in western africa is being treated in the u.s. at emory university in atlanta.

There is the airplane leaving to pick up the second patient.

She is expected to arrive on tuesday.

They are the first ever cases of the ball on u.s. soil and some are asking why they were brought here in the first place and if this poses a problem for americans.

Donald trump tweeting out, why is this a problem for the u.s.? joining us now is megan hughes.

Who makes the decision to bring in these people?

It is the charity organization that they were worthking with.

It was those groups that made the call to bring them back.

One of those patients, american kent bradley.

He was ok in him to walk into the hospital.

The other infected worker, she will be joining him there as early as tomorrow.

The organizations say that the reason they were transferred back to the u.s., emery will be able to provide better care than the liberia hospital where they were being treated.

The state department, cdc, and department of defense handles the logistics, making sure that this transfer is done safely.

That's the question on everyone's mind.

What do they do to make sure that this does not spread?

The message we are hearing over and over from health officials, they want people to realize how this is transmitted.

This is not a super contagious airborne disease.

This is person-to-person contact.

Because of hospital infection controls in this country, which are better than west africa, it makes it very unlikely that there would be an outbreak.

Here is the cdc director from over the weekend.

We know how to stop the ball up.

Find the patient's, treated, find their contacts, track them, educate people, do infection control in hospitals.

If you do those things well, ebola goes away.

And specifically how are officials dealing with these infected nations?

They are being transported in a special transporter hospital with an isolation unit.

We're are not talking about commercial flights here.

And then at emory, there is a special isolation unit set up in coordination with the cdc, specifically for these kinds of infections.

In washington, there will be about 50 african leaders.

What about any concerns that they are coming in from some of the countries where there is a danger of bringing the ebola virus?

You can bet that is a question the obama administration will be hearing.

Health officials say that any kind of outbreak in this country is very unlikely.

President said they are taking appropriate precautions.

Most important, the travelers from these countries will be going through extra help screenings on the ground in

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