EBay Now: Does It Really Deliver in an Hour?

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Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Cristina Alesci discusses Ebay’s new service. She speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Technology titan ebay reported its third-quarter results.

Shares following and after ro hours -- after hours trading.

Ebay did see strong third- quarter results in the mobile commerce division, up 75%. we tested out ebay now.

Good to have you with us.

What is is about a new service?

You have what you want in an hour?

It is definitely perfect for busy people.

What it is about at the end of the day is lending the meaning passes -- the conveniences of online shopping with the immediacy of brick-and-mortar.

We see e-commerce try and get to this holy grail for some time.

This is ebay's version of that.

It is not a surprise they are doing that.

Online shopping alone, you have seen the growth slowed in the u.s., so these retailers have to go out and try different things.

One thing they are trying to do is ebay now per you shop for the item with a store they partner with, and they send the valet to pick it up.

They send it to where you are.

People like us who are busy, it makes sense.

You can't live the -- you can't leave the office before you go home.

You have it delivered to the office and you can take it home with you.

It makes a ton of sense.

Maybe it works in the urban areas.

As a work in suburban areas, can they leverage this model outside of the city?

Right now it is in new york and san francisco.

It is also on your mobile phone.


That ties into the mobile story.

Mobile is up 75%. it ties into that.

There is an app that you can use to get service.

I meant your mobile phone.

Because, did you try out this service?

I did.

What happened?

I was online and i will have a new apartment.

I wanted to get fancy shower gel.

Shower gel print liquid so.

I happen to love tom ford.

I found the shower gel that i love.

It took 10 minutes to track it down.

It is organized in the best way possible.

-- it is not organized in the best way possible.

I put in my order and ebay tells me there is a valet assigned to it.

I get a picture of him with his cell number.

I can call him to see what the status is.

And our -- an hour later, they were downstairs with the back.

An hour 20 minutes per you got what you ordered on ebay.

Was it more expensive?

He had to pay a delivery charge of five dollars, and then you can tip the delivery person.

It was a positive outcome.

One thing that is interesting is that on the web they say an hour.

If you go into the legally asked questions, they give themselves cushion if there's traffic jams or trains breakdown.

They say about an hour.

It depends on the specific situation.

Is there any limit in terms of the size of the product?

Not everyone has a bath gel emergency.

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