Eat Popcorn, Be Immune to Advertising

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Oct. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek's Drake Bennett discusses a new study that suggests eating popcorn in a movie theater makes you immune to the advertising on the screen. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Through all of this.

I want to start talking about top corn.

What is it about popcorn and advertisements in the movie theater?

Fax there is a study i wrote about the effects of eating popcorn and the fact that when you go to the movie, there is an increasingly long cavalcade of ads.

There is something just jim that the active eating popcorn, which give people are doing, is making you immune to these that.

It is the chewing.

It's not the popcorn, it's the chewing.

The best ads work by pounding a word into your head until you learn he -- until you learn it.

When you are learning a new word, the way in which you begin to process his is i subconsciously mouthing the word.

When you are eating popcorn, you short-circuit that.

The guys took people to the movies and the ads had no effect on them.

If we were eating popcorn, we

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