Early Fed Hike Will Shake Up Silent Market: Nakisa

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July 17 (Bloomberg) -- Ramin Nakisa, deputy asset allocation head at UBS Investment Bank, talks with Anna Edwards about his concerns for investors’ preparation for rising inflation and why he believes the Federal Reserve will hike rates much sooner than anyone expects. He speaks on “On The Move.”

Strategist at ubs.

Let's touch on some of your concerns.

You mentioned how you are reducing risk.

We talked about the geopolitical influences.

But really your concerns are around inflation.

That's right.

Money has been pouring out of etf's, linked to u.s. inflation protected securities.

People are not buying inflation attention.

If you look at the core pce numbers, they have been rising.

Inflation in the u.s. has been rising.

There are many reasons why we think inflation will rise.

The fed is discounting it still.

The fed will surprise by hiking sooner than people expect.

I think that will put life back into markets.

At the moment the scariest noise of the trading for possible -- that is silence.

Others say that we are in a neutral face.

-- phase.

Even when the fed does hike, they will do is lower.

If you look at their forecasts.

They should be hiking much faster and the rates should be higher already.

The market is out of sync with what we think is going to happen with inflation.

Fed policy is going to change fx.

It is going to change equity risk appetite and it will change what happens to fixed income markets.

Stay with us.

We are going to -- fhave a

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