Dunkin’ Brands Plots European, Latin Expansion

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Sept. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Nigel Travis, chairman/CEO at Dunkin’ Brands, explains the company’s strategy for growth as it looks to expand overseas in Europe and Latin America, as well as across the United States. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

The number one focus is still the u.s.. we have always been seen as the regional northeast, jane.

We have gradually gone south and west.

We have a huge opportunity as we go through texas, which we are very excited about at the moment.

Out to california.

It is officially opening up in 2015. we will have a few stores before then.

We can build a 3000 store still is of the mississippi.

We made an investment earlier this year in spain.

You may say crazy time.

The spanish prime minister's calling and into the recession.

Actually, spain had -- it is not a good short-term investment, but a longer term investment yes.

Germany, which we see as a part of a european strategy, is going great guns.

We are very excited about that.

You are right, it is difficult to concentrate.

Dunkin' donuts, two bytes.

We are going back to my home country at the uk.

We were there 20 years ago, we are back.

We are very excited about europe.

Here is the secret of growth.

Everyone talks about asia.

I think latin america is going to be the boom place.

I think the pump can donut is the untold secret.

Your international strategy takes on a contrarian viewpoint.

As you referenced, most ceos to about asia.

Is that hard of your strategy?

We have been in asia for 30 years.

China, i am going on record as saying we have not gotten china right.

With baskin-robbins we are really excited about the opportunities there.

Asia is very strong first.

India, i am meeting our india franchisees -- here is the record, tom.

Is it culturally transfer?

Whether it is tim hortons in toronto or dunkin' donuts.

How do transfer the culture?

The culture transfers easily.

When i was a kid, i used to do a donut run.

When you go to latin america back on that subject, he get on a plane and you will see boxes just like this and you guys will be fighting over it, on the aircrafts in the bin above you, you see boxes and boxes of donuts, the same in southeast asia.

Donuts are global.

We all think of donuts as an american thing.

But it is not.

It might be global.

But in california where you have more difficulty expanding too, like their local donut shop or they don't want to be part of an international chain.

True, so we are in texas.

I think you distinction is our range, our speed of service is very important and the fact that going with it is our coffee plus our sandwiches.

Is interesting come in texas i had a taxi driver who had not been in dunkin' donuts for 20 years -- these are nutrition personified.

Is there such a thing as a nutritious donut?

We do have some very low calorie donuts and we have a whole menu called deedee smart trade -- regular menu called bb smart.

We have to change our further question of the day.

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