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Feb. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Watch Jon Erlichman try to buy coffee at a "Dumb Starbucks" in Los Angeles. Erlichman reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Seriously for more than one hour and i still don't have my coffee.

My producer has to take my spot.

This is one of the weirdest stories we have done.

You sit in line with people and ask what you are here.

They say i heard about on the radio.

They wanted to check it out.

It is free coffee.

Maybe that gets the appeal for people to come here.

I think they're more interested in seeing this dumb starbucks.

Any idea who is behind this?

That is one of the favorite conversation points in line.

We know there is a lot of talk online about the possibility of maybe this being tied to an art installation.

This is hollywood.

We are pretty close to hollywood.

Maybe it is a tv production.

People are wondering if it is a particular comedy central show.

There are claims that maybe there were video cameras inside.

I thought i saw one but i was not quite sure.

I will have to go back and and be more than a dumb reporter to find out.

I'm hoping they fix the grande thing.

The dumbest thing at starbucks as they call the small one a grande.

The middle one is a grande.

Does that make sense?

Everything is done, from the dumb cds, the dumb bagels and pastries they've got to the dumb different sizes of coffee.

It highlights that this is a brand where everyone has always joked about the difference in sizes.

Starbucks does not think this is so funny but starbucks does not want to look like the cruel operation that is smashing down.

We have not seen armies of lawyers around here saying -- this might have to do with who is behind this.

Is it for a tv show?

Maybe they will let it go for now.

This is all over social media.

Someone tweeted they sold their coffee for $20. it seems dumb right there.

Why not?

Extra money.

It would have saved me time in line of i had bought from some guy coming out.

You highlighted the social media.

You've got an equal grouping of traditional media here, dumb reporters like me, who were covering this and you've got people who are tweeting and taking pictures and having a blast.

They just heard about it and they have come and i think that's the power of one little shop onlos feliz back and get the world's attention very quickly with dumb coffee.

Are we done?

I certainly am.

Jon erlichman, outside dumb starbucks, thank you so much.

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