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Oct. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Phil Libin, CEO at Evernote, discusses the Dublin web summit, the push to drive technology in Ireland and his company’s strategy to grow its software customer base and the industry’s move to wearable technology. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

International expansion.

You just made an announcement you're hooking up with europe, providing our software for free for those uses.

Why europe?

I think europe is on the verge of an entrepreneurial renaissance.

The design since it is so great, the history of great design.

I think design is becoming single most important thing.

We want to invest to get the most talented and europe to work with us.

When you say design, is it about the customer experience?

You're also about business as well.

How are you merging the two?

That is one of the main nutrients, the consumer stuff is just coming together.

The world revives -- revolves around knowledge workers.

There's amending the same high- quality experiences in the personal lives as their -- they are to maintain the same high- quality experiences in the personal lives as their work lives.

We want to give the best software we have for free.

It makes a lot of sense.

We had the makers of smoke alarms on yesterday.

Apple is known for its design.

What about these new wearable technologies?

The google glasses are not quite the looking at.

It depends on who is wearing them.

They're not good-looking on me.

I have seen attractive people with them.

I think the stuff is close to being mainstream.

It is not quite there yet but it will get the really fast.

I think within a couple of years, glasses, smart watches, it will have a profound change on the way we think about everything.

It is all a little awkward and nerdy right now.

People like me can get into that.

My prediction is within two years, it will be mainstream.

Are we talking developed markets?

What about you merging markets?

I think it will follow the same path as our phones, it even faster.

Where smartphones took 10 years to conquer the planet, i think wearables will do it in four or five.

Your company has an amazing story.

You have raised more than $200 million.

What is it like out there raising funds right now?

What is the support for the tech community?

Well, it's good.

I think if you have a great idea, a great company, there is always investment available.

I think that pretty much has always been true.

People talk about, is it harder to get funding for an average start up or easier now?

I guess if you're an average start up, there's her problem.

If you really try to build something special, it is always a reasonably good time to try to get investment.

What about the valuation?

Are the valuations to frothy?

Hard to say.

I think people think of it as a bubble or the bubble has burst and something is probably somewhere in between.

I very first company was started bright at the very first dot com bubble.

It feels different this time around.

I think valuations are concentrated in fewer companies.

It feels ok to me, that we have never changed the valuations.

The short-term valuations don't matter.

We are trying to build a 100 year startup.

We want slow, steady buildup over the next 100 years.

You are just talking about technology going mainstream.

Is everyone going to be knowing the most newest trends?

Will of the less exclusive going forward?

I think everyone is a nerd about something these days and that is what technology lets you do.

It lets everyone be passionate about whatever it is they really care about.

I think davos for geeks is pretty good.

Wonderful speaking to you.

We all have a bit of a geek in us.

Back to you.

They do so much.

The migration from moleskin is exhilarating.


This is francine we are talking about.

We will be speaking to other big names at the dublin summit.

Tony hawk has his own business franchise.

We got his advice on starting a business.

It was more intuition, more

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