Dubai Has the Most Mideast Potential: Kumar

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June 9 (Bloomberg) –- Telr Co-Founder & CFO Sirish Kumar discusses the online and mobile payment processing industry in emerging markets, how his company works and where he sees growth with Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move Asia.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Finance officer.

He joins us from singapore.

Give us an idea of how this business works.


Thank you for having me here.

It is about solving three challenges.

Small and medium enterprises are facing these in emerging markets.

These challenges focus on time, the cost, and, of course, stability and markets beyond the country they are in.

If i can focus on the time -- carry-on, please.

It is between six weeks and never for an online merchant to start his business and can take $50,000 at the deposit to have a first online transaction.

He does not have a language for his buyers of his choice and, at the same time, he faces uncertainty of cash flow because that is their.

-- there.

You are stepping in where banks will not, right?

Actually, this is a play where we are the front end was small and medium enterprises.

We believe in various banks in various regions.

It is the entity of each coming together.

Where are the places where you have the biggest growth coming?

We know that africa has a huge business, and in mobile payments -- in . that is right.

We are focusing on the middle east and asia.

We think that we will gear up to launching in the middle east and , of course, focus on other emerging markets.

We see this as a $100 billion e-commerce opportunity.

Ok let's take a look at where you are going to start off.

The middle east, for instance.

We would want in dubai.

This is the first launch.

It is the largest smartphone benchmark in the world with a high internet usage.

And, that is where you see trading in the currency and the local language, including the arabic language and domestic transactions between buyers and sellers.

You are thinking about southeast asia, as well.


We are eager to come to

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