Dropcam Records More Video Than Youtube: CEO

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Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Greg Duffy, co-founder and CEO of Dropcam, discusses why the company moved to Amazon's cloud with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Company and i asked him why he moved the company to amazon's cloud.

Right as we were starting to scale up, we moved over to aws.

You record more video than youtube?

It is kind of crazy.

It is something we did not expect only first started.

A lot of people think, when you are scaling that big, that is when you move past aws.

All data uploaded to amazon does not cost a penny.

We thought that was a brilliant move and decided to move over.

That has to be a cost savings for you guys, but not amazon.

That is right.

In actuality, most services on the internet are pushing things out.

Dropcam pushes things in.

We pay them for storage.

In what ways has dropcam been able to use aws to scale the business?

Because of aws, we do not have to spend hours on things like putting computers in a data center.

It is all about opportunity costs.

You will spend your next developer hour on the thing that makes it better for the user.

Does that change the way you hire?


We can higher people to work on things like apps, the camera.

We do not have to hire people -- operations people.

There are competitors out there.

Why amazon?

Amazon is still ahead of the curve in terms of the services they offer.

The quality, the reliability.

For us, it was an easy choice.

We can use the pieces of it that we need.

We can build stuff on our side and not use amazon services in some places.

We can use only what we need.

I feel like -- what would you like to see them doing that they are not doing?

We still spend time on -- we are always looking at ways we can specialized hardware i'm a which amazon has not been able to do.

-- hardware, which amazon has not been able to do.

That is one area we hope to see them grow in the future.

I am kind of -- i am finding all of the services they offer kind of baffling.

The beautiful thing is when you are a company like dropcam, we taken a lot of video.

Our website is a highly trafficked website with pretty standard architecture.

We can use cloud front and all of these technologies off the shelf and not have to worry about building a web scaling team internally.

You can pick the places where you do not need to be different than everyone else.

And only differentiate on what is good for your customers.

The bwest byte, one number that tells us a whole lot.

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