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Dec. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Amazon's Craig Berman discusses the company's push into the holiday season. He speaks with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)


The head of marketing communications for amazon -- i want to talk about the importance of this eight for amazon.

It remains to be seen what happens today.

Last year, it was our biggest day.

306 items sold per second, which far outpaces any other day of the year.

It is a big day and we have been gearing up for it.

Is this all going to come back up -- i thought the focus of what you guys do, selling stuff, if you would be getting that word out?

What you see in this building is the combination of human power, machinery, the convenience and the conveyor belts, and the software.

It is all put together.

Our i.t. structure, or computing infrastructure, the amazon web services, but also it helps tell everybody where this product is going, where it is on the shelves, and our employees can grab it off the shelf and get it into a box and out the door.

So, what is selling?

Kindles are selling, digital cameras have been really hot.

A lot of other digital cameras.

We had a digital camera earlier today we marked down that sold really fast.

We had an increase in computers today.

When hundred $99. sold out extraordinarily fast.

Toys -- legos and word games.

Thomas the train engines sets.

Is this more deals than previous years?

We have amped it up to offer ordeals adds a higher velocity.

-- to offer more deals at a higher velocity.

We are doing maybe two or three an hour, for an hour.

Now we are up to one every 10 minutes.

The customers love it.

It is competitive, obviously.

There are a lot of folks offering deals.

It is something that customers gravitate to and they tell us that they love it.

You mentioned black friday, and i think a lot of retailers are going to thanksgiving day, a controversial move -- step oh we started a little bit.

We started our big deal week a day early.

But this is a compressed shopping season.

We started maybe a day earlier than we did last year or the year before, but it is because there are fewer days.

We were e-mailing last night.

"check out six d minutes, dude -- 60, minutes, dude." why last night he announcement about the drums?

It was not a date we picked.

It was convenient time to talk about the amazon story.

I think it was more of a coincidence than anything.

This is great, great -- it showcases a lot of what amazon is about in terms of hours.

Of -- our spirit of innovation.

But also how much fun we are having days like today some of being able to create and innovate on behalf of customers.

[indiscernible] it is thinking big.

Clearly, that is in the dna of amazon.

Innovating on behalf of because number.

Innovating, taking something thinking how we can take a technology, create a technology and build it in terms that really benefits customers.

And getting something from the time that someone clicks, it getting out of a building like this and into a patio or backyard in 30 minutes -- that is thinking pretty big.

That goes to the heart of how we think about innovation and experimentation on behalf of the customers.

You have worked in the customer service art of this company -- everyone puts their time and.

What did you do?

We answer phones.

We help answer phone calls.

We also help answer e-mails.

We definitely help customers answer a lot of questions that are easy on the website.

Like the most frequent question people want to ask -- where is my stuff?

We created a button on the screen.

Years and years ago -- it just says "there is my stuff?" -- " where is my stuff?" things may not work out perfectly on delivery.

Things may be damaged.

We have worked it out.

That is something we take very seriously and put a lot of energy into.

When there -- when something is in the wrong place, the does someone care enough to find a solution for it?

That notion of a continual improvement to pick up the rough edges?


I have never seen this building as full as it is and you were talking about the lineup of trucks.

They have done a great job of continuing to improve and working with all of the associates, the thousands of people in this building, to look for places and look or areas of waste, looking for ways where we can reduce the amount of time, ways to think differently about the situation to maybe streamline it.

I think the team has done an amazing job to further allocate

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