Draper's Plan to Split California Into 6 States

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Jan. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Draper Fisher Jurveston Founder Tim Draper discusses pans to split California into six states on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Made on this plan, what kind of support have you gotten?

We have submitted to the attorney general's office and they are deliberating now.

We should here in about two weeks what the title and summary will be for the initiative.

It is interesting, we have support from all over california.

I think californians believe california is ungovernable in its current state.

The idea of having six new california's is spark their imagination.

You said you think every state will become wealthy as a result of this and the system as it stands now has a horrible problem between the haves and have-nots.

You also said if the government provided services to constituents, like google did to its employees, you would not have to split california into pieces.

What did he mean by that?

If our government -- currently in california -- 40 years ago, the government was spending 25% of our money on infrastructure.

Today they are spending three percent of the money on infrastructure.

I think that discrepancy makes it so that we are not getting very good government services.

I think we need better government services, and i think by creating six new californias, we are going to the end of with six new states where we are closer to our constituents, wherein each of those states has its own personality and values.

It just feels right.

It also feels like californians need this.

Cory, what do you make of this plan, giving you have been living in california for so long?

If nothing else, it casts a light on how different parts of california are.

There are a lot of things in california that work well as a system, not least the water supply, at least when we had rain in california.

I would disagree with that, and so would everyone in the central valley.

They have been fighting sacramento on water forever.

It is a big issue.

We have no infrastructure spending on water.

There is enormous infrastructure spending on water.

There was a bond two elections ago about development on the sacramento river to divert more water to the valley.

But they are not spending it in the right way.

We could have huge rains and that water just disappears.

I believe that each individual state will come up with new methods for storing, distributing, and using their water -- some parts of the state will not have water to distribute.

Different parts will have different interests and how the water is moved around.

They have infrastructure, but it is so antiquated and they are not even using time division in their infrastructure.

There are certain times were certain areas need the water, certain times when they do not, but it is just a spatially divided water system.

There are so many new things that could be done with better infrastructure.

Let's talk about silicon valley in particular.

Is there any concern that it became a separate state, that that would exacerbate income inequality?

Actually, all six of these new states would become wealthier and better run.

People would get what they really want.

In the silicon valley, we want things like -- we want a government that knows how to respond to things like bitcoin and napster, new technologies coming along.

We need a government that is responsive to that kind of thing.

In the central valley, it is all about water.

They are the people that feed the world.

In south california, they are all concerned about immigration.

I know the people way up north, in what would be considered jefferson, they have been trying to break away from the state for years.

They have these fire taxes that are specifically targeting them and they get no benefits.

All the various regions will be better off with better, closer, more local governments, that are amenable to the value systems and the thinking of those populations.

Do you think the ceo of salesforce -- he told a reporter that he believes google buses should be taken off the streets of san francisco.

Do you believe that?

I believe the muni buses should be upgraded.

Government services need to be improved.

I appreciate that google wants to take good care of their employees.

That is a great thing.

Our government should equally think about their constituents and figure out how to take care of their constituents.

Currently we are not being served in california.

So what do you think the solution is, tim, aside from splitting california into six pieces, based on the tools that we have now, what is the solution to fix some of the dissent we have seen, and the outrage over this discussion of the 99% versus the 1%. by creating six new california's, all of those various governments can create new ways of thinking, new ways of governing.

They can manage those issues in a closer -- with a closer group of constituents, people who are closer to their government.

So each individual government will deal with that in whatever way is the right way for their constituents.

I think that you will just see people being happier.

Nobody is happy with california.

We are 46th in education and we pay the most.

In a perfect world, what does a silicon valley state look like, is it filled with facebook employees, google buses, drones, is there room for teachers and immigrants and artists?

I sure hope so.

Silicon valley was made by teachers and immigrants and artists.

That was back when our teaching system, our education system was the best in the world.

Now we are 46th.

That does not bode well for our future unless we do something about it.

Immigrants, my gosh, we love them here in silicon valley.

They make up the backbone of

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