Will Batman + Superman = Double the Profits?

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July 22 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman reports on Warner Bros. plans to unite Batman and Superman on screen with Sara Eisen on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Were doing the easy stuff.

We decided to do everything now.

Ha that is bill mcdermott set to be the company's soul c.e.o. next year.

And superman and batman sharing the screen for the first time.

Warner brothers is bringing the superheroes in a new movie to be released in the summer of 2015. could double the superheroes mean double the profits and a change in the box office?

We are joined from los angeles by john.

Is this a big success, failure, or something in-between?

It feels that way, you're right.

What has been working in hollywood this summer, sequels and supermereos.

If your time warner, warner brothers, why not put these two together and the timing is interesting.

Obviously, man of steel, the superman movie that is still in theaters this summer and had the second best opening weekend only to another superhero movie, "iron man 3," why not make the follow-up bringing batman to the follow-up and, of course, at a time when that franchise sort of had a big question mark, christian bale is done with the reborn version of batman and away you go.

Remember that the c.e.o. of time warner has to deal with questions about the disney strategy versus the time warner strategy and recently a bloomberg news reporter asked him, are you jealous of what disney has been able to do with all of their characters?

No, look what we were able to do with superman and batman.

Here is more.

Is there a point when superhero fatigue sets in?

Even a geek like me got tired with the comic book.


I have to say that the fact that there is fast and furious 7 next summer, something i didn't anticipate myself.

This news coming on the same day that we have got a netflix earnings call where they're talking a lot about their original programming, the fact that you're saying a very select type of bet being made by the big studios has opened this door for some of these new media players to get their hands on projects that may be would have been put out by some of the film studios in the past and instead are just making more calculated bets on people in tights and, you know, capes

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