Dorsey: There Were 140 Reasons Square Would Fail

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Nov. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Twitter Chairman and Co-Founder Jack Dorsey speaks with the Founder of Giga Om Media Om Malik about Square at Gigaom's Roadmap 2013 event. (Source: Bloomberg)

Previous life was about microblogging and what people had for breakfast for it why do you think you can move money around?

You have never worked in finance or dull with credit cards.

Sellers are not the sexiest thing on the world.

This was their perception.

Aren't credit cards going away?

Isn't it all digital?

It was a battle given my background.

I love that because it makes you stronger and it makes you better and it really clarifies what you are trying to do in the world.

We just addressed it had on in our pitches to investors which a lot of them said no to.

I listed 140 reasons why square will fail.

I went through all of them.

The next list was 10 reasons why we will succeed.

You either trust us to do that or you don't. if you don't, don't invest.

We are not going to be sad about it.

You have a thing for 140 characters are in [laughter] thank you, jack.

This is a busy week so thank you for taking time in coming on stage and talking to us.

Good luck with everything.

[applause] jack dorsey on stage with the cofounder of gigaohm,

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