Dorsey: Focused on Building Square, IPO Not a Goal

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Sept. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Square Co-Founder and CEO Jack Dorsey discusses his leadership style and the possibility of Square going public. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

We are very excited about this.


Everybody is talking about this.

Twitter confidentially filing for its ipo -- or revealing that it filed for its ipo last week.

Unfortunately, we did not speak to jack about the ipo.

He is bound legally not to say anything in this moment, but we did talk to him about his company, square, which allows anyone to accept a payment from anyone else just by having their phone with them.

I talked to him about his leadership style and his role as ceo.

Listen to what he has to say.

I approach my role as an editor, borrowing from your industry, and i have three main jobs i have to pay attention to.

One is editing the team, making sure we have the best team coming into and staying at the company.

And also parting ways with the folks that just the relationship does not make sense anymore.

That is on of the hardest things to do, to part ways with folks.

Second is the internal communication, how we work with each other.

And the external communication, which is the product or service itself.

We want to tell an epic story in the world and a cohesive story, too, so we think about the editorial line of that, making it simpler.

Three is keeping money in the bank and editing that story as well.

The editorial conflict has always worked really well for me because just the word "edit post quote means to take away, to simplify, and really get down to the essence, and i always want to do that as an individual and on anything i worked on -- the word "edit" means to take away, to simplify, and really get down to the essence.

How do you balance the valuation that you raise money at yankee -- the value you raise money at?

What do you take into consideration when you think about these things?

Just fairness.

The market decides . we have conversations with would-be investors and talk about what we would like to see and what we are going to build and how valuable it is to us and what we think the value of the company is, and they give us feedback.

It is an honest conversation, and we want a fair deal for both sides.

That is how we go into it, and that will mean better service for our employees.

We do not think about these as goals.

We think about them as milestones.

These are things we have to get through.

We have to keep money in the bank so we can continue to build our network.

And i want to spend as little time as possible on it so we can focus on building the company and building the product for all of our customers.

Ceo's hate this question, but i have to ask it -- when is square going public?

Is square going public?

We do not think of that in the company.

We think of this as a milestone.

The best you can do is build some discipline within the company to be ready at any moment to go through another one of those events, and an ipo process is like any other process of fundraising.

It is a fundraising event, and it should be seen as such.

It is not a goal.

When you reach goals, you stop.

This is something we will continue to build as we continue to build.

Right now, we are building the practice within the company.

I inc.

Square is ahead of a lot of companies in that regard because we are building a financial company, so we have to put a lot of discipline into the company to start with.

That just becomes easier and easier and easier for us.


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