Donatella Arpaia: From Meatball Champ to Iron Chef

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July 11 (Bloomberg) -- Celebrity chef and restaurateur Donatella Arpaia discusses how she built a meatball empire with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

And has a line of appliances.

Donatella arpaia, that's him.

Thank you for being here.

Let's talk about where you are in the world of meatballs.

I did not know you could get a trophy for meatballs.

I've got two.

The new york food and wine festival and i developed a line of frozen meatballs which i sell on hsn and they also serve in my restaurant in the hamptons.

Pop-up restaurant.

The hamptons is a short season.

So it is a way for restaurants to go into a space and create an environment.

I am there with my team for the summer making my food, like my meatballs and we are having a great time.

What are the glam pops?

Desserts need to be playing full -- playful and fun.

This started with my original restaurant i had and i created the cheesecake pop tree and glam pops.

So my executive pastry chef makes these beautiful cake pops and we serve them.

While the food might be playful, the restaurant industry is anything but.

You are involved with three restaurants.

Yes, the upper west side, a greek restaurant.

It is very popular and successful but because it is priceline conscious and we do a lot of high-volume and are looking to expand.

I also have siena and heartwood, which was donatella, and that is still happening and it will happen in a couple of months in a future spot outside of new york and inside new york but in a more iconic location.

Iconic location.

What does that mean?

Well, you know, looking downtown in the world trade center area which is going to become something significant and i definitely want to be part of the -- i am a new yorker attitude.

So definitely there.

And a store on 34th street.

You might know about a store that is famous on 34th street . i am moving into an upscale quick service model.

Upscale, quick service.

Why is that the future?

People don't have time?


It is a busy society and economy.

Affordability is very big.

People of the lower economic scale want to eat and they want good food.

Look at the success of chipotle.

Fresh, fast food.

That is one example.

It also have sued due with what you are doing with home shopping network.

Can you tie that together with "iron chef," the books, this is an empire.

I am building a lifestyle brand.

Last time i was singled, i am now married and a mother.

Your life changes and you have to make it to deb and i saw the trends of the restaurants.

I have been doing restaurants 15 years.

I don't want to age myself.

I started when i was 12. i was a boy are briefly.

You need to be just to be in -- a lawyer briefly.

You need to be to be in the restaurant business.

So it is a wonderful background for me.

I am building a lifestyle brand.

I am on facebook and twitter and i am teaching women and men how to cook and do it with confidence and ease.

It is really a good business model for me and i am having fun.

Traditional dining does not mean appetizer, main course and dessert anymore.

Sharing, and quick serve.

Has then changed the kind of recipes you're going to make?

Who thought you could just sell meatballs?

Meatballs are one of the most iconic foods out there and they are poorly executed in a lot of places.

I beat out many top chefs, many of whom are my friends.

With my mother, hi, mom.

Her recipe.

So the meatball business is a huge thing and it took me two years to create it.

It is extremely high quality.

It tastes as if you are cooking it at home.

I tell women or men to take credit because you would never know it came out of a box.

They are fantastic.

Hsn is a wonderful place.

Mindy grossman is very vested in building brands and believes in my brands and i am all about bringing authentic products to

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