Don’t Let the Lime Shortage Sour Your Cinco de Mayo

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May 5 (Bloomberg) –- Avion Tequila Founder and Chairman Austin discusses how the lime shortage affects his company’s sales. He speaks with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Houses is this affecting tequila sales?

You need the lime to take down the tequila.

You needed for the margaritas.

If we go back to the old days when i was younger, it you needed lomesimes and salt to force on the tequila but it is much better today.

You can actually drink it neat or on the rocs.

A shortage of lime is not a good thing though.

And do something with vendor industry.

What is going on?

The shortage is a lot is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

When the shortage happens, people start to hoard with the thing they cannot get.

People are grabbing as many as they can and storing them as long as they can.

Top of the cartel involvement.

I heard that.

I really enjoy going to mexico so i do not discuss what we're hearing there making this happen.

Tell me about your tequila.

We launched in the u.s. four years ago almost today.

2012 we are voted the world best tasting tequila.

One of those dream come true things that an entrepreneur always hopes they can do.

It retails for about $25. then the pure expressions range from $40 to 45.50. in the reserve 44 is $150. it is very adjusting.

There is a luxury market for tequila and all of these high end liquors.

We are seeing more high end i'll call.

The amazing thing is the younger people were drinking clear spirits only.

Today we're seeing them think whiskey's and bourbons and so one.

We are seeing that with avion.

Thank you very much.

Ken austin, founder of avion.

That is it for day -- for

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