Don’t Just Be Father of the Year, Dress Like One

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June 10 (Bloomberg) -- Vince Camuto, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer at Camuto Group, and Chris Mitchell, publisher of GQ, discuss Camuto being honored as GQ’s “Father of the Year,” the changing role of fatherhood, the current focus on men’s fashion and what makes a great Father’s Day gift. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

What does it take to do the father of the year?

You have to balance your children.

If your kids are happy, you can work better.

You feel good about it.

That is the essence.

Balance is so important.

That is my advice.

I have always balanced.

We have board meetings and i cut them short to go to the soccer games.

That paid off in dividends.

Do not enough guys do that?

I think we lose generally.

We get engrossed in what we are doing as far as work goes.

You have to balance it out.

I think you can be around to see your kids really achieve.

That makes you a better father, husband, person.

Is father's day sexy?

Let's celebrate great dads.

I think being a dad has never been cooler.

I will give you a little rope on this.

When you look at the history, mother's day has been around for 100 years.

Father's day did not become a holiday until 1972. fathers did not feel like the holiday was manly enough.

I wouldn't mind getting monday off.

The iowa -- the idea of a dad is different than it was a generation ago.

George clooney said if you're 25 or 45, your sweet spot as a guy is 35. that is the bridge between that younger guy we are talking to and the older guy.

They have a lot more in common than when eric and i were kids.

He wants to get that gift.

He wants the same thing more often as not.

Men and dads have changed.

Is it time to take a turn now that men look like it boys like eric?

We have is a care of the men.

We have always focused on women and fashion and looks.

Men want to look sharp and cool.

They want to look more european.

That is why we went into the men's business.

Women's fashion has always been a growth industry and extremely competitive.

Are there better opportunities in men's fashion?

There is an opportunity now that didn't exist there in --. what were men like question like --? a canadian longer.

He happens to be handy with a chainsaw.

He put on a suit that he was probably not excited about.

He took off we got home.

Guys today are excited to put on a suit, even if he doesn't have to wear one to work.

Dads don't feel like they have to be a stereotypical bad.

It used to be a paradox to have dad and cool in the same sentence.

I hope dads are cool today.

The 40 and sporty t-shirt wasn't cool?

Doctors have become very slim and actually cool.

They must advertise with you.

Right now, you also run a family business.

That is a difficult proposition.

You have a spouse.

You brought your kids into the business.

How do you make the tough choices?

My wife is my creative director and my inspiration.

She does all of the categories of women's. i do the shoe product.

My family and extended family is the company.

They are great young people and they are energetic and excited.

We can create a culture.

Isn't that the death of many businesses?

When you look at sports franchises that have been owned by families?

If you don't have the value system that we tried to instill in our kids, i try to treat my sons the same way we would treat an employee.

If you don't have the passion, step aside?

All the work we have done, i am lucky right now.

I have one or two in the business.

Stephany has been cracking the joke all morning that father's day is not for the weed wacker anymore.

What would you buy for your dad?

The card is the most important thing.

Make him a card.

I have my cards and it is unbelievable.

On what is something they made by hand.

That means a lot.

We would also say at gq to give something that is significant and personal.

Personalize a belt buckle that will get better over time.

With respect to our friends in the thai industry, how about a pocket square?

That to be monogrammed and his personal.

Is this the time for gq to start selling it?

Instead of me tagging them and then walking in to j.crew, when can i just clicked?

That is the single the guest thing that i face in this business.

How do we get over that hump from being the media vehicle that helps you sell it?

I would like us to be a media partner.

We have that screen and should be able to sell it.

A retailer will hold inventory.

How would readers respond to opening the gq online and new that the products being represented there in an editorial context were being sold by the publishing company?

I think it is fine.

I think their suits are fantastic.

I think it is a big opportunity.

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