Don’t Fear Interest Rate Normalization: Trennert

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March 20 (Bloomberg) -- Strategas Research Chief Investment Strategist Jason Trennert discusses Fed policy on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”(Source: Bloomberg)

Strategist -- i was dazzled by yesterday.

I was dazzled by the analysis, syllable by syllable, of what janet yellen did.

Have we reached a silly point?

I think we have.

Certainly, given the fact that economic growth is probably going to be 4% to 5%. it is only natural to expect interest rates above zero.

I do think this is silly.

It is important.

You nailed this.

You have right to the heart of the matter.

At 2:15 yesterday, this is not about inflation.

It is about economic growth.

It is just not there.

As someone who focuses on equity, i do not fear normalization of interest rates.

That would suggest that economic growth is improving.

I could also see this prompting economic growth.

The shot clock is running out.

Did you see march madness?

You should invite him back rid -- back.

If you think about m&a or buying a house, we're getting into the late innings.

You do not feel that there was a major shift from a quantitative bracket to a qualitative bracket?

I think that is significant.

I think the forward guidance is one of those things where you have to -- as a new fed chair, you have to do what you say.

I think she is trying to have a little bit both ways.

She is sticking to a target of something that is unsophisticated, like unemployment rate.

It is only fair for her to change her tune on that.

It is little the more nuanced.

To me, it was 2.1%. that does not get it done.

Jason is with us for the entire

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