Domino's CEO: It Was a Great Quarter

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- Adam Johnson reports on Dominoes Pizza's earnings on Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money." (Source: Bloomberg)

Dominoes reported a 90% growth in quarter profit.

They say growth was driven by strong sales and new ventures overseas.

Strong sales in the u.s., new ventures overseas.

But an earnings report is not just about making shareholders happy.

I spoke with the ceo of domino's and he said it was about the customer experience.

We want people to feel good about what they are getting, we see more retention of customers.

We are very happy with the quarter.

Why do you think investors chose to take the stock down 10% on what appeared to be an outstanding earnings report?

We are almost double over the past 12 months.

I will not worry about day in, day out trading.

Overall we have generated terrific returns for shareholders.

If we keep putting a quarters like this, the stock will take care of itself.

Let's talk about some of the new products.

You were here a couple of weeks ago.

You brought some new products, i wish you were here today.

We can have that arranged.

Look at that.

What are some of the new products we can look forward to in the commercial break?

We will not talk about anything we have not announced yet, but there is a lot coming on the technology side and product side.

Innovation for us now is not just about the product of the month club.

It is about coming out with things that will materially improve the customer experience.

That may be product, or things in technology that allow them to access the brand in a different way, the way that consumers want to do that now.

Plenty in the works on that front.

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