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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- Patrick Doyle, president and CEO at Domino's, discusses second-quarter results, his perception of share price and the opportunities afforded by mobile advertising innovations. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

It is a new dominoes.

It has been a terrific run, a great quarter.

Comps almost up six.

Outside of the u.s. giving great -- giving great growth domestically.

Overall we were thrilled.

The real bing is it is the brands that carry the day.

We did not want this is in the second quarter and still have these kinds of results.

We're very happy with the quarter.

Why do you think investors chose to take the stock down 10% on what appeared to be an outstanding earnings report?

We are almost a double over the course of the past 12 months.

Overall we have generated terrific returns for shareholders.

We keep putting up quarters like thick and this -- this in the stock will take care of itself.

You were on the schorl -- show, a few months ago and brought us a lot of pizza.

I wish you were here today.

We could have that are arranged for you.

Sharing the pizza.

I see it on the side of the set.

What are some of the new products i can look forward to in the commercial break?

To go we will not talk about anything we have not announced yet.

A lot coming on the technology side and products side.

Innovation is not just about the product of the month club, it is about coming out with things that will materially improve the customer's experience, and that may be product or maybe things in technology that allow them to access the brand in a different way, and the way consumers want to do that now.

Play is in the works on that front.

Earlier we spoke with sir martin sorrell, chairman of one of the world's largest advertising agencies.

Here is what he told us about social media.

Let me play you a quick clip and get your thoughts.

Starting to see significant increase in facebook connectivity.

How you use facebook @ domino's? social media is incredibly important.

What people are saying about us and social media is more important than what we say about ourselves.

That is people's friends and families and they trust them more.

We are advertising, buying at banner advertisements, buying of digital media.

It is important what is being said is critically important for the brand in driving brand perception and trial of are picked up.

Do you think this is where the world is going, ultimately digital is more impact full?

Iphones sourcing more merging of digital and traditional media.

Clearly very impeccable.

You are seeing things now as digital moves into the living room, as television get smarter.

All of these banks are coming together.

It is really exciting.

As a brand figuring your way through that, how to get an edge in that is exciting.

I think we are doing it well, and i think you will see the brands to figure that out fake -- perform much better of those who have not figured that out.

We have a ton of pizzas.

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