Does WiFi Mean Bye-Bye for Wireless Phone Carriers?

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Jan. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businesweek’s Brendan Greeley examines what the increasing use of wifi means for wireless carriers on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

This works.

You can make calls only on wi-fi?

I talked to a company called for public wireless.

You have to buy up front for a special version of a new android.

You can make a call over the wi-fi network.

When you're out of range, you borrowed time from sprint.

This all works out to a network cost to you of between five dollars and $40. that does not seem that extraordinary.

You could do anything with skype now.

What is extraordinary that they have made the phone to get a normal dialtone.

This is not difficult.

It is very difficult to pull off in terms of a business trip.

All of the handsets are sold through the carriers.

The carriers have a vested interest in the strength of their non-wi-fi networks.

What about the quality?

Sometimes you try to do a skype call or face time on the road.

It does not always work.

The qualities actually better.

I talked to the engineers who said they had trouble making sure that the handoff was clean.

Wi-fi in theory is a much higher capacity network.

The voice call sounded better and worse went to one onto sprint.

I tested the phone.

That is a start up.

It is an insignificant part of the market.

They are working with serious companies.

There are -- what they are part of his this trend were large carriers are recognizing that they have to offload their data on to wi-fi.

The networks cannot handle it.

China mobile -- 72% of their data goes over wi-fi.

Not over a china unique network.

At&t, verizon -- i spoke to verizon and they are not thinking about this technology at all.

They are completely focused on their network.

At&t has recognized that wireless is an efficient way to get a signal to people.

They are wiring up stadiums.

Sun life stadium in miami now has antennas all over it.

They are dual use.

They have lt on one side to make a phone call and they have wi-fi on the other side to make sure that you can upload data.

One of the things that we're learning is that after tens of billions of dollars and years --

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