Does T-Mobile Want to Buy More Spectrum?

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Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Brendan Greeley reports on T-Mobile's plans to sell shares valued at almost $1.8 billion. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

You say it is spectrum.

I think they want to buy spectrum.

There is a guarantee that television broadcasters will anticipate, but if they do, there will be a strom or spectrum.

Does not come up for auction that often.

A terrible secondary arquette for it.

There are two values for spectrum.

When you buy it, you can put the wireless service on it and sell that to your customers.

It has a foreclosure value as well am a which is if you own it, no one else can use it.

In the u.k. they started charging spec firm brent.

The government makes you pay rent on it so the that no one else comes in.

This is incredibly valuable.

You say this is not even close to what companies will be spending.

It depends how much it is up for auction.

For example, the last auction this good, the last time it came up for auction in 2008, at&t and verizon together spend $16 billion on spec from together.

So if t-mobile wants to compete, they want to come up with more than 2 billion.

Could they partner up?

A possibility of them partnering up?

I think that is very unlikely.

They reach a lot more people than t-mobile.

Verizon reaches 275 million.

Industry speak or a person.

Potential customer.

T-mobile right now i think is in 210-220. they really need this.

They're real worry, i think, is about the next generation.

I think they have enough spectrum to do lte, the fastest generation of coverage.

Carriers like to upgrade the network every two or three years.

They will do it when they figure out what the next generation of tech elegy is.

T-mobile all have a strategic problem.

The tactical problem they are doing all right strategically they will need another spectrum.

A do not want to fall behind in?

What about the whole idea we are running out of spectrum.

Is that a myth?

I am skeptical of it.

The problem is we cannot tell.

The carriers keep telling them we do not have enough of it, you want to free more up.

They are asking to go to the government upside.

You and i own it.

The fcc is responsible and for issuing licenses.

They control it.

Sometimes they license it, sometimes they auction it.

I am scared -- skeptical because they are very hesitant to show how they are using spectrum.

They have prevented the f cc to figure out who is using what vector where.

-- fcc to figure out who is using what spectrum where.

I have used to be very skeptical of everything.

That is a good aim.

Thank you for joining us on this.

Brendan grilli.

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