Snapchat's Security Breach: Time to Lawyer Up

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Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Chris Soghoian, senior policy analyst at the American Civil Liberties Union and David Kennedy, CEO at TrustedSec, discuss the hacking of Snapchat users’ data on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Joining us from cleveland is the ceo of tusted sec.

This is a bad incident primarily because users are using the service because they think the company protects their privacy and security, but they have learned that snapchat has taken a cavalier approach to their user security and data.

This should cause every user to question the entire purpose of the service.

How does snapchat's security compared to other companies?

Big companies respond to the requests of security researchers , disclose them, and many of them even pay fees to researchers who report things in the right way.

In contrast, snapchat ignored a report by security researchers.

It seemed like these kinds of things are happening over and over again.

Is there anything that users can do to protect themselves?

When you are using a site like snapchat, you are depending on the security around the website and the protection mechanisms they have in place.

Twitter and facebook has a lot of security features and snapchat is just becoming popular.

The fact that it was ignored since august is alarming.

But i do not think this is the end of snapchat.

They will learn from this, but it does look really sloppy for how they handled this overall instant.

I know several people who were on the list, and even though it had been taken down, it was republished.

What can snapchat do to fix this , to make sure something like this does not happen again?

The cat is out of the bag in terms of the data out there now.

The real question is whether snapchat will overhaul its approach to security and respond in a meaningful way to the reports of security researchers in the future.

The company did not take those reports seriously tom and they need to engage in some soul- searching to figure out what went wrong and address issues like this in the future.

Snapchat did put out a blog post alluding to the possibility that this could be an issue.

David, what is your take on their response, acknowledging this can happen, yet, they say they have added additional safeguards, but it happened anyway.

I would be really wary.

The type of exposure identified look at they had access to the backend database which is running the application.

When you have that level of access, i would be cautious about believing what they say ahead of time.

Maybe give them some time to digest what happened, and to strengthen their security.

This is a problem for a lot of applications.

Only two days into 2014 and skype with microsoft was preached.

This is a big problem that we are facing.

It will be a big problem in 2014. david, as you mentioned, this happens every so often.

It happened with yahoo!, linkedin -- so what can companies and users do other than not using these websites?

The main emphasis of these corporations need to be protecting customer information.

It needs to focus on two areas where hackers focus on.

Web applications and other things.

2014 these to be a call to action to focus on web application security.

All of these things that hackers do our years old.

These vulnerabilities are 15 years old.

It is just programming things the right way to stop them from happening.

2014, call to action on web applications.

Chris, you are one of the first experts at the ftc advising on privacy issues.

What would be some of your advice today?

If snapchat has not done so, they wanted to hire some good lawyers, an investigation by the state attorney generals, and perhaps a few class-action lawsuits.

They will need to up their security game and see the advice

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