Must Read: How to Fix the U.S. Voting System

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Jan. 24 (Bloomberg) -- In today's "Morning Must Read," Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu and Contributing Editor David Plouffe recap the op-ed pieces and analyst notes providing insight behind today's headlines on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Fight for voting rights.

No american weights more than 30 minutes to vote.

A lot of good advice in here for states.

Modernizing elections.

This is important for young people who do not like to wait for anything.

They use technology all day long.

We have antiquated systems.

Hopefully this is embraced by both sides.

Who benefits more?

The senses that democrats do.

Their early voting.

Shorter wait times.

Republican tactic appeal to young people.

If people get the sense that republicans do not want them to vote, you will never get to first a's. southern states have that misperception.

For democracy, we have to have a voting system.

That should be ideal.

Can you envision when people will be able to vote through a mobile device?

Eventually, yes.

Whether five years, 10 years, 15 years.

We do all of our financial transactions -- there are states that do their whole election by mail.

States like oregon.

You will see more than that.

That is what young people want to see.

You know that there will be a problem or you need extra poll workers.

This is not a complicated set of problems.

Time to tune your attention to silicon valley.

My morning must-read is from the new yorker.

Interviewing the president.

He writes about how the president tends to focus on the long gain.

It is something that everyone around obama trots out to combat hysteria.

Maddening and frustrating because the president knows how to excel in the short game.

He did win elections.

There is a sense that he chooses not to do what is necessary to win.

What do you think?

I have not spent a lot of time with him.

Even those elections -- we took the long view.

I think that is one of his great strengths.

It is inconsistent with the moment that we find ourselves in.

We used to have one news cycle per day.

Now we have one news cycle every minute.

When you take the long view, it is compensated.

So much of washington is that people want to take political advantage.

When you sit in the oval office, your first 40's to sell things.

That tends to be -- when you go through crisis, you can only focus on the long-term.

When you think about health care or what you're trying to get done, you have to take the long view.

People think of as disengaged.

-- think of him as disengaged.

That is not the case.

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