Does Nokia Deal Hasten Ballmer's Microsoft Exit?

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Sept. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Industries senior analyst Anurag Rana talks with Betty Liu about Microsoft's $7.2 billion purchased of Nokia's handset unit and the prospects of Nokia's Stephen Elop replacing Steve Ballmer as Microsoft CEO. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Joining us is our senior analyst.

Let's start with steven elop.

Would you agree about his assessment?

According to online betting, he is the number one candidate right now.

As we discussed last week, i am not sure which direction the vote will go.

Will they go with someone who has lived and breathed microsoft, or will they get someone with a fresh perspective?

Is this a smart move by microsoft?

The dilemma was whether there would focus on the consumer or enterprise business.

Today they have made a clear signal that they will be focusing on the consumer in a big way.

The question is how successful they will be in their strategy.

They do not have a huge market share in tablets or smartphones.

The real fight would be how they compete against android devices, especially in emerging markets with a cost point is relatively low and folks are coming out with a generic phones based on the android system.

It will be a tough task but it seems they have made a clear decision.

They have made the decision to go after both markets.

However, nokia has not had a terribly successful time in the smartphone market.

So what does microsoft get by bringing on a struggling sport make -- smartphone maker?

It seems they are bent upon a showing that the ecosystem is in line for them, whether it is the surface tablet for the phone.

They want to control their entire entity.

They are making a conscious effort to let people know that they will be in the hardware business.

Only time will tell how successful they will be.

Does this put to rest any talk about microsoft breaking up?

Yes and no because you are right, from the surface, it looks like it is all one enterprise, consumer and enterprise together, but as the stock continues to suffer, folks may argue, going outside of that level may make sense.

It would take time before that comes up again.

Before you go, the idea that stephen elop is now the front runner, and given this very public acquisition, could it be possible that ballmer would step down earlier than he would said -- would have said?

I would agree with that.

Ok, thank you for the news on microsoft.

Moving and shaking this hour, the vodafone ceo, who was behind one of the biggest corporate transactions of all times, knows that they have a big stake in verizon.

They worked out many of the details while on safari in tanzania last month.

For vodafone, it means a cash windfall that may lead to more acquisitions.

We have a very good story ahead of us.

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