Turnaround: Could Mitt Romney Run Again in 2016?

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Jan. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Carisa Bianchi, president at TBWA/Chiat/Day LA and Bloomberg Contributing Editor David Plouffe discuss the political future of former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and handicap the 2016 election on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Public office again?

It will be difficult.

I think that you saw the more human side of him.

I also think that you saw his presidency in terms of his wanting to be a candidate.

The staff was eliminated from the documentary.

You bet to see the candidate and his family.

You got to like him a little the more.

I'm not sure the fell he really wanted this.

This was not something he was striving for.

David plus is still with us.

You ran the opposition campaign at the time.

Did you know that there was a different mitt romney out there that you might have been afraid of had he been able to communicate to the public that personality?

I think it is his positions that cost him the presidency.

Middle-class voters thought president obama was more online with their thinking.

You are in a political war.

You have respect for the other side.

Presidential campaigns are a grueling thing.

The moment you just showed is what you dread in the campaign.

Calling your opponent to concede.

You have to tip your hat to them.

You know what they went through.

It is grueling.

You feel for them.

These are tough things.

They're tough under family.

I will watch with great interest.

I doubt there will be a 2016 bandwagon.

That is interesting.

We had he kept the republican contenders.

They list mitt romney is number 10. they say this could provide a catalyst.

There's is also a sense he could turn key states that he narrowly lost around.

He can raise a lot of money quickly.

We get swept up in these moments.

I do not think anyone will talk about him two months from now.

He himself has said he ran his last race.

I think he means it.

These things are hard and he has done it twice in a row.

The question seems to be -- they did not know they were going to lose.

Did you have any indication?

Did you go into that i figure it was in the bag?

In 2008, we won by a big margin.

You are still nervous.

It is an election.

What if your turnout estimates are wrong?

We felt very good based on early vote.

But you are still incredibly nervous.

Until you start to see the first votes counted.

Once with all the precincts in virginia and ohio, we felt very well.

That is the big story.

The digital strategy needs to be fixed for them to compete.

It is 2016, not 1986. if your data is off, you will make bad decisions.

They made decisions based on that data.

Speaking of the campaigns, which candidate out there has a great rant that they can build on?

If i look at the republicans, rubio is a contender.

Chris christie, with what has recently happened, is probably a question.

He will probably try to resurface and be a leading contender.

Those are the ones that i look at that have substance.

Rubio has a real good chance because of his hispanic following.

I am hoping that hillary will run.

There was a famous book in the 1950's about the selling of the president.

Are these people really like this?

A good campaign only works when it is authentic.

The candidate says here is what i believe in and here is my message.

You build a campaign around them.

You may with these people and you say, what is animating you?

When they say you tell me, they will not win.

That does not ring with voters.

"mitt - the man behind the myth." i just wanted to highlight, png is reporting $1.21, beating estimates by one penny.

Honeywell also says that they beat analyst estimates.

They have reaffirmed their forecast as well.

Let's take a look at how honeywell is trading.

Higher in the free market.

$91 per share.

Let's get to other company news.

We have to focus on carl icahn.

He has said he is ready for a proxy fight over ebay.

He is telling the wall street journal that he expects ebay to resist his proposal.

Paypal sales have been growing faster than the marketplace business.

They have $70 billion in revenue.

The founder of tesla says that

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