Does Microsoft Have a Plan for Mobile?

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Sept. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg West Editor-At-Large Cory Johnson and Chris Whalen, executive vice president at Carrington Holding Co., examine comments to analysts from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer as the company faces slumping PC sales and searched for a new CEO. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

That was the body language but he was brutally honest.

Do they have a plan?

What's steve ballmer would tell us as there is a whole world of people who have yet to use computing, period, and the first computing device will be a smart phone.

Think of that, emerging economies in africa, asia, he really thinks there will be people using bees cheap nokia smartphones with windows software -- cheap being $100 -- and that is their strategy and they will make the hardware and software.

But the hardware business is a crummy business for everyone but apple.

Because there isn't a lot of money to be made there.

Heart of his job yesterday was to try to convince the analysts -- part of his job yesterday was to try to convince the analysts that there is a strategy there to create phones, make phones, sell phones and use michael -- and use microsoft hardware and software.

But also not forgetting about the rest of the business.

He wants to keep microsoft working to keep the pc the device of choice.

Is there a big battle going on to replace in every office across much of the western world -- you still see pc's on desks.

That's got to be a big -- the nonsense that the pc is dead.

Everybody who wrote that headline wrote it on a pc.

What has changed is the refresh cycle.

The companies replacing pc's every three years will replace then -- them every six.

A big change.

Really bad news for intel.

Here is a chart real quickly.

Apple, apple, up, up.


Here is microsoft flatlining like a bad patient.

Cory, you know better than anybody i know a bloomberg about the psychology of microsoft.

How is sick -- how thick are the walls and silos?

There is a joke -- not that funny.

You have one big outside circle and the person in the middle tiered and microsoft is lots of different things all with guns pointing at each other.

I don't think it has changed at all.

I think the company is still that way.

And microsoft -- different parts of the company will develop pieces of software that the other parts of the company already have so they don't have to work together.

The question that is looming over everything is who will be the next ceo, now that weballmer will retire in less than a year.

That hangs over everything.

Here is how he addressed the question yesterday.

We made this decision to announce before we had a replacement so we can run the absolute best succession process on the planet.

I got to say, it's kind of a little weird to me to come to work and have that kind of known.

But yet when we talked it all through, we said this is absolutely the best way to ensure that the company get the leader it deserves.

A window into at least his own personality.

It is weird for him to come to work.

I don't know about the actual search.

On this powerpoint, it was to get, but it does in a body want to work at microsoft?

I thought they all want to work for google?

Microsoft is a great place to work.

I was in seattle -- you just wanted to see the seahawks.

What i don't ever want to see the seahawks again after what happened last sunday.

There are two domenic companies in the seattle area.

One is microsoft and one is amazon.

Amazon is full of younger people who are starting new things and creating new businesses and running their own business units.

And microsoft, there are people who have worked there 15 years because they spent their life improving the save button.

Chris whalen looks inflated -- does this discrete destruction at work, all the mumbo-jumbo we are talking about?

I used to work as a tech banker and microsoft is just further along in its lifecycle.

Apple is obviously in ascendancy, new ideas and people.

I love what you are saying at amazon -- about amazon.

A great company.

But microsoft should break themselves up.

I don't think they will ever work together.

The problems i have using their products are ridiculous.

You would think there would be a real database inside of outlook right now.

They just don't do the most obvious thing.

Are you the last guy on the planet using bing?

I don't use it.

You are a pc guy.

Bing has 19% share.

I would have thought lower.

It is not nothing but i think part of it is what it is coming from with the operating system.

What is the cory johnson angle about apple?

I don't know yet.

I have to see what happens at the store.

But i don't want to make my

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