Does LinkedIn Have an E-Mail Spam Problem?

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Sept. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky comments on LinkedIn being accused of hacking users' e-mail accounts. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

This lawsuit?

Can this really hurt?

I don't know if they can hurt them, but it can cause them to change business practices, which is bizarre and unfortunate.

In a perverse sort of way, we are all to blame.

Users complain to them at different times that they are flown to the side of a mountain, look around, realized that they know no one, don't know how to connect to anybody, and complain that the service is flawed.

Many have tried to get around this problem by saying that this is the way to figure out who you know.

And if you know them and trust them, we will hook you up to them.

There is a big difference between connecting to no one and wanting to connect to everyone you've ever e-mailed.

The service will air on the side of trying to contact everyone you've ever met.

Linkedin has been doing well, the stock looks good.

But over the last several months, it has become a company known for sending a lot of e- mail.

John oliver had a famous bit which, take a listen to it.

I keep telling linkedin to stop sending me e-mail.

Leave me alone.

Will this do it?

I am on television.


I am unsubscribing with my mouth and i don't even understand what you do.

You seem to have monetized era dating people.

-- irritating people.

Does it have an e-mail spam problem?

Yes, but everyone does in this business.

You have to find some way to connect people.

I can't come to your house and knock on your door, so e-mail becomes the method of contact.

Until people are willing to go through their entire address book and say yes to them but not them, you have this tension that is never going to go away.

I think it is childish for people to complain.

They give that information and then complain that they use it.

There is a legitimate business purpose for trying to contact people.

Even if they have remission, is doing so a good wallace he?

-- policy?

I think so because you have the have the social context to connect people or the whole thing falls apart.

You have the have some way of making that last step.

Will they go to far?

Are they too intrusive?

The problem is one of the user interface problem.

The default is your sending e- mails to everyone in your address book.

I don't know anyone on the service.

You could've checked the box at the beginning.

Great, now i want to shove my fist down my throat because users are driving me crazy.

There is no winning solution in the business of social networks.

You are from canada and europe been following this closely, predicting the death of black area for years now.

What do you make of them going out on a limb to buy this company, maybe?

This is sensational.

It is an offer that they would like to call and offer.

And on financed letter of intent that will not disclose their cigna kit -- their cigna kit -- their syndicate.

It is like a worse version of the old letters of we have some people here that might be interested in buying your company and we all sell your

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