Networks Are Meaningless to Young Viewers: Gersh

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Jan. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Former Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia CEO Lisa Gersh discusses streaming media on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Of ways.

The bottom line is always going to be content.

If you look at these others platform -- these other platforms and how they developed, that was the story.

Cable in the early days was just a bunch of acquired programming.

People got cable because they got better reception.

It did not really take off until hbo started the program and create original content.

Original content is what has driven cable and driven the success of every new network.

Look at amc.

Did anyone really care that much about them before they started "madmen"? no.

Is it going to matter if -- for example, apple tv, xbox, playstation, hulu, i do not watch cable tv that much.

Amazon prime?


just checking.

The thing is, i gravitate towards the best operating system, the ev -- the easiest to use.

Does that draw content?

I think so.

I also think it is a matter of convenience.

When i am home, i am more likely to turn on television.

If i am traveling, i watch everything that i just -- i never watched "24." so lucky.


Now i can watch it, but i do it through i count -- itunes and i did not want to rely on wireless . if i could rely on wireless, i would watch it on netflix.

Does the price matter?

I think that i am more price sensitive if you look at my kids, who are very price sensitive.

They have a budget.

But they absolutely don't care.

When we grew up, when i grew up, there were networks.

There was network television.

We used to talk about cable versus broadcast.

My kids have no idea that there was any difference.

Right now, as we talk about all the time with the younger generation, who are cord cutting , i would say that i watch a lot of tv, but my kids, who are nine years old, never turn on the television.

They watch the internet.

They watch everything on the computer or on my ipad, by the way.

Right, that is where all their content comes from.

All of the shows originated on television, however.

It is the content that matters.

I think that netflix took a big jump when they launched "orange is the new black," "house of cards," that was the only way to get them.

Great shows, they are not 24. i have to say, i watched "orange is the new black" in today's. let me give you these numbers.

This is all about business.

The online pay-tv service business, eight billion dollars, up 30% from last year.

Traditional television is about $150 billion.

It only grew five percent.

That is not surprising to me.

I think you have to really look at what is happening with cord cutting and cable homes.

Is cable growing?

Is the platform growing?

Netflix has taken subscribers away?

I do not think that is true.

You have to look at what is happening with cable.

The only reason you have cable is so that you can have broadband internet.

The only reason i still have cable is because i want high- speed internet and a landline.

Sports as well, but you can watch that on the internet.

We watch bloomberg television on apple tv, by the way.

One thing of note, by the way, broadcast networks, yes, we see them as old school, but they are the ones that can still produce that really high-end programming.

That is where the advertisers are going, thinking about reality programming.

American idol, the voice, dancing with the stars -- i am sure none of us watch it.

At the same time, those are high-end, highly produced.

And to a certain extent they are event tv.

I think that all the platforms do serve different services.

You will see high-end programming on a services and uncertain cable networks.

The sopranos was in excess of $3 million, that is high-end, expensive television.

We are going to continue this conversation.

We are.

You are not going anywhere?

Going shopping.

[laughter] coming up, the cost of another winter storm?

We will co-you what it is doing to sit -- cities, the country, and your programming.


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