Does GDP Growth Make Nigeria Ripe for Investment?

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April 7 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s “Global Outlook,” Samir Gadio, emerging markets strategist at Standard Bank, examines the problem still faced by Nigeria as it becomes the largest economy in Africa on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Focusing on.

Nigeria has many problems and we are hearing about some of them.

Doesn't change much?

Is it a typical headline?

To some extent, it is expected.

The magnitude of the gdp is was -- was a surprise to some extent.

It is very low and the revised figures are around two percent.

I am looking at electricity production, for example.

So, i think they are more important for investment going forward.

We have a high-profile investor.

We are now looking at investing in africa.

That is already the case.

To some extent.


The companies will look at nigeria.

Doesn't change much?

The stock exchanges close to $77 billion.

So, it is largely under.

If i am a businessman and i want to do business in africa, it is hard to do business in africa.

Corporate governance comes out and you need some of the infrastructure.

If i want to run a business in africa, there is so much that needs to happen.

Do you think it will change the nature of the relationship of africa in the country?

Not necessarily.

In terms of transporting, it is much more.

Our week 5-10 years away from this?

We have so many hopes.

There are amazing resources.

It is tough to get in because of visa problems.

When are we going to see nigeria and africa as able?

There are stories of integration in the region.

Is much better than it was.

And save time, nigeria has a huge market and, despite all the bottlenecks, there are international companies that have done well in this part of the world.

The potential is much bigger.

The potential is much rigor.

Thank you so much for that.

We are going to get you some

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