Does Freelancing Make Jobs Data Less Relevant?

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June 6 (Bloomberg) -- John Meyer, CEO of Arise Virtual Solutions, discusses freelancing and the debate over offshoring with Alix Steel on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Companies and john meyer is the c.e.o. of arise and joins me now from sunny new york.

Good to have you here.

Thank you.

Do you think the shift into more of a freelance world is because people want to do it or have to do it?

I think it's a mixture of both.

The target audience, many of them are people that have a reason to work at home.

Either they have spouses that left the work force and we give them the balance for the ability to work and take care of their families, sick parents.

We have a lot of retirees.

We have almost 3,000 military and military spouses in our network.

Sit the case we've seen people unemployed for so long that they've turned to freelance as their last option?

I don't think so.

The caliber of individuals we work are west virginia are better than the individuals that work in call centers today.

It's just that work-like balance and their ability to work when they want to work that drive them towards companies that are legitimate.

There are a lot of non-legitimate companies in the internet.

My dad worked freelance when i was younger and he basically raised me while he worked at home.

That was really, really rare, a for a man to do that and b, for anyone to do that.

I thought we were outsourcing everything.

When you look at what went yaufer shore, most of what -- that was simple tasks.

Things where individuals could just read the script or do the technical support.

Most of those are going on the web and taken care of by the consumer directly.

The harder tasks are the ones ending up in contact systems.

Personal communication things?

Personal communication.

We have a lot of cable companies, companies liar carnival, staples, aaa.

People want to work when they want to work.

When you have an unexpected situation like a snowstorm and there are a bunch of people stuck on the side of the road, we have the ability for people to say come to work.

For them that means they're dialing up and they're in their office.

With my dad freelancing it was hard to count on a steady stream of income.

They can count on a steady stream of income because it's based on how many hours they choose to work.

On ash a part-time basis they make anywhere between $10 and $15. tom -- some people in a sales orientation can make up to $15 to $25 an hour but that's more of the exception than the resume.

We're seeing so many more freelancers in the economy.

Do we have to ignore the jobs number now?

I think it becomes less relevant and when you look at the individuals that work with us, they're kind of a late end work force that for some reason aren't in the work force for anyone today and balls we can use the technology to reach them -- there's a geographical diversity.

You're using the broad band network to carry it forward.

16 years ago we started as a joint venture to provide jobs for disabled people.

We developed processes and technology to be able to move to -- the work to them.

Now with broad band there are so many people you can reach it's created a bunch of opportunities for a lot of people that wouldn't be working.

I'm curious as to what obamacare -- the affordable health care act, i should say, played into this.

Because now you don't need a full-time job to get insurance.

I think it helps a lot.

It takes that question out of it.

This is usually a second-income-type roam.

Not necessarily primary income.

We tried to offer kind of a buying organization and found that people weren't interested.

Do you think there's some sector, i.t., perhaps that has a lot of frea lancers?

Is there one section that has a lot of potential?

Health care.

You brought it up.

There are many nurses that left the work force to do things.

There are many hipa certified people that you can help them do claims processing, for

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