Does Apple Have Wearable Tech’s Next Big Thing?

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April 23 (Bloomberg) -- Tarek Nseir, CEO at TH_NK, talks with Francine Lacqua about wearable technology and the future of mobile payments on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Agency who specializes in strategies.

Great to have you on the program.

Thank you for coming in.

And we talk about the next trends, what are we looking at?

When we talk about virtual reality, what will be the next thing that will be life-changing that we will not be able to live without?

I am not sure we know it yet.

I think apple has a good chance with the iwatch.

A well-created piece of hardware combined with a killer ecosystem.

We have the galaxy gear, the pebble.

What does this need to be?

Is it more the way it looks or is it the technology?

It is the technology but it is also the role that it plays.

The combination of apple's watch and its proposed payments approach, that technology is a real killer proposition.

As opposed to a basic extension of a handheld device.

So far, we have had hit or miss attempts.

Do you think apple will actually deliver?

It has been so successful, it is easy to say it does not have it anymore.

At the end of the day, they have a new ceo.

Will they be able to manage the next big thing to become the apple that it was five years ago?

They are going to need to be.

It has been four years since they lost anything in the big categories.

My hunch is they are holding off.

I think the iwatch will be just that.

Reg christie left very recently.

The combination of him andjonathan -- of him and jon athan will there are some real fruit.

Consumers talking about facebook or apple being a possible banking stock.

Some of the largest banks in the u.k. how feasible is that?

That would change the business, the nature of what they do?

If you look at apple, they have millions of users with itunes accounts and credit card details attached.

What they have not done is take that to the till yet.

The touch id could be the first positioning in that space.

I think that is apple's big moment to start to drive massive options of payment.

Facebook is a very different story.

Facebook is about being able to drive direct purchases in line with their advertising.

It is an opportunity and it really drives the effects of the advertising and the popularity of their network.

This is going after amazon, right?

It is a different vibe and feel that you are buying into.

You could argue that.

Payments is something that exists in our everyday lives.

If apple got into that space, you can see how they could do something really big there.

Thank you so much.

Coming up, a bloomberg exclusive.

Tony blair has just finished giving his speech at bloomberg european headquarters and he will join us very shortly in the studio.


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