Is Apple Looking to Buy Tesla?

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Feb. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Matt Hardigree, Editor-in-Chief at, explores the possible combination of Apple and Tesla to join forces on electric automobiles on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

How real do you think this is?

I would put this at about 20% real.

I'm sure they met.

Elon musk is super cool.

I would want to hang out with them too.

-- him too.

We had a report on monday that apple has a product the tesla could use.

Every car has a touchscreen in it.

There is no standard for touchscreen.

If they are talking about working on a standard, it would be great.

I would totally believe it.

That would do what?

Putting the ios in the tesla cars would do what?

It would give tesla a better system than they have now.

The touchscreen still does not quite work the way you would want it to work.

Apple has been aggressive in the car space.

They work with gm, mercedes.

They are putting siri in cars.

Building a car is terrible and i hope apple is terrible -- does not do it.

. it would be a crazy departure for apple, wouldn't it?

It's putting together like candy crush and drowns.

-- drones.

I have a hard time believing that elon musk would sell the company.

He is being cool.

Being cool as owning a space company and a car company.

What would be his motivation for selling the company if toyota could not get it?

They have worked with it.

Tesla bought the plant in california from toyota.

They have a partnership, toyota and tesla.

As does mercedes.

Perhaps it was just a meeting that the two had to just throw around ideas.

You could not be a big tech company and not maybe look at tesla, not look at doing something with tesla.

Is that right?


A partnership makes sense.

Google is in the car space.

Apple is trying to get into the car space.

Tesla is the most interesting, exciting, and cool company.

Apple is still the most interesting and exciting and cool tech company.

Knowing the players that are involved -- if it was happening, i think we would've heard about it.

Talk to me more but elon musk.

Is he willing to sell?

Do you think he is ready for that?

If you look at his history, i think you would only sell tesla if he thought he had accomplished everything he wanted to accomplish or he thought it was not possible to accomplish what he would want to accomplish.

He has not built a second model.

He has not built an affordable car.

Can they build a car that someone who does not regularly watch bloomberg tv can afford?

That has been his goal ever since he started the company.

What is the latest on that?

Are they getting any closer?

When he took us through his headquarters in l.a., he was very big on the model x and the suv and how it is for the soccer mom these days.

That is roughly in the model s space.

It is something you buy if you can afford an expensive vehicle.

They want to get to the affordable space.

I think they are still three or four years away from that.

They are reporting some -- o their earnings on one stay.

What will be people be listening for?

That they maintain production and that orders have not dropped off.

The tesla train has been running out of control.

There is all this pent up demand.

The model s is supposed to come out a year and a half before it actually did.

Now that we have gone out through a lot of this, are they still had on delivering cars?

If they have caught up, it is probably not a good time -- sign.

Breaking about the protests in the ukraine.

The protests do seem to be intensifying.

Ukrainian authorities are cracking down.

The state security service issued a joint statement saying they will take all legal measures to quote restore order if the protests to continue after 6:00 p.m. -- that would be

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