Does a Zillow-Trulia Deal Make Sense?

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- Zumper COO Taylor Glass-Moore gives his take on reports that Zillow is interested in buying rival property site Trulia. He speaks with Emily Chang and Cory Johnson on "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

You for joining us.

When we spoke last time, zillow had acquired a much smaller company.

They've been on acquisitions or he.

Let's not forget it was the number one search platform in new york city, which is the biggest real estate market in the country.

What is happening now is the low is worth --zillow is looking to become the de facto search platform and rentals and sales and trulia is their main competitor.

They have the opportunity to do something here, so they can address the company and looks like it will -- they say the deal would be about $2 billion.

Why would trulia sell?

The market cap is a lot higher than it was a year earlier.

The market cap went flying.

The stock is overpriced at the current price, if you can believe that, but more importantly, tying up and getting rid of a competitor and gaining that market share is a big deal.

The ability to go out in the public markets, they went almost a year ago.

I think it was august 19 of last year.

They did a secondary and were willing to raise a lot of money from the public markets.

Cash is cheap and they're looking to take out a certain competitor and that certainly attractive.

They know how to run the company and it's an amazing sight.

You walk downtown seattle nec corporate offices and all throughout silicon valley -- but you walk into this one room and it's filled with ravenous cold callers.

These guys are on the headsets, pacing the floor, trying to get realtors to buy ads against the listings and sell really hard.

That is a tough, aggressive business and i'm sure he would want to take a competitor out as much as you would want to close a deal.

What does it mean for us?

Typically, when these companies acquire their rivals, sometimes they allow them to operate independently.

They want to some extent preserve the experience and keep as many as possible.

For us, it could take out one major player in the space come a but you still have younger companies and we are one of them trying to create a much needed search experience which is mobile and needed -- and real-time.

There will always be a demand for this additional type of search experience and only a nimble, forward thinking company can provide that will stop that is kind of where we have fallen.

In order to do this deal, zillow is going to have to delude itself some way.

They will have to issue shares her take on debt will stop at unclear how they will be able to do it but wall street may very well afford them the luxury of doing it.

In terms of how their business operates, the similarities are going to be the things that will overlap and when the day.

What does that mean for a company like redfin?

They are private but also focused on the mobile experience.

What does it mean for competitors?

I would not consider redfin a competitor because they are a brokerage.

This is a play between two platforms, search platforms will stop -- search platforms.

From the search experience, people want to search all the inventory possible to stop from a consumer, you are going to search on a brokers pot form, you're not sing the full spectrum of inventory.

People want to see everything from a mom-and-pop listings all the way to multifamily listings.

The platform shows the full spectrum of inventory wins will stop -- inventory wins.

Fundamentally, it is still a brokerage.

I have used it to search.

That is what i have used it for and i have found zillow trulia and were confusing and not using -- not user friendly for me.

Completely personal.

They are trying to make the whole process simpler from searching, discovering house, closing a deal to having a lower commission structure and every thing else to stop but -- everything else.

Being a realtor is a really crummy business, it turns out.

They think they're going to make the money and do multiple listings but you have to spent so much money in marketing, old boards, business cards and sign and all that.

If they take it on personally, the notion that zillow and trulia can take on the notion of all these people fighting to be realtors, it's about getting eyeballs of people buying houses and taking the money from realtors and the process.

How do you see this playing out?

It's hard to tell because who knows what trulia's true potential is.

There are talented people who run the business and it's hard to say.

From my perspective, i think coming back to how does the consumer -- how was the consumer effective, you don't see the full spectrum of inventory and i think once you can see everything, that is the ultimate winner in the space will stop -- ultimate winner in the space.

To distribute it real-time to the renters, i think if you can create that real-time connection, whether it's on the sales side or rental side, that will be the best experience for the consumers.

Thank you very much.

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