Does a U.S. Listing Matter to Alibaba’s Business?

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Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Martin Steinbach, EMEUA IPO leader at Ernst & Young and Ian Maude, analyst at Media Researcher Enders, discuss the advantage of a U.S. exchange listing for technology companies as Alibaba is said to move towards a listing in the United States. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Very exciting, very big ones that we have talked about for a long time.

Are we going to see many more smaller ipos as well?

We see the brand names you have mentioned already, starting with facebook, linkedin, and now onlybubba -- and now alibaba.

We have record valuation levels.

In what does it make more sense for them?

We understand that alibaba is seeing some hurdles on the hong kong stock exchange.

Does it make sense for them to be listed in the states?? in the u.s., they can have a dual cost structure and the management that have maintained control of the company, which they can't do in hong kong.

On the other hand, if new york half is a world away and it is a very litigious market, there are disadvantages there as well.

But certainly from the press, and they came out of their last couple of days, the main thing that is driving this is the management decided to maintain control of the business.

What about twitter?

You are a tech analyst.

Do you care with a list?

Not really.

We are just interested in the business and the strategy for the business and the company performance.

Ultimately, that is just a decision for the management of the company.

It makes a difference in the way that shareholders do the company and makes a difference for the exchange.

But in terms of visibility, it is a bit of a political potato, isn't it?

Yes, if you look at companies to list.

Typically, you can divide the criteria is to four.

Valuation, cost, strategy and references.

-- and preferences.

You see a different direction.

Some u.s. listed in the asia pac and europeans listed in the u.s. under the places.

This is what you do.

What would you give advice to twitter and alibaba today.

I can't say, but in general, i would recommend to have an assessment on this.

What are the regulations?

What are the cost burdens?

What are the strategic situations?

We saw in our investors like in the first half of 2013 that they look at the ipo destination.

So it is part of the decision.

So they look at the liquidity and the inventory requirements.

We are back in two stick couple of minutes.

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