Docusign Raises $85M to Accelerate Growth

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March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Docusign CEO Keith Krach discusses the company’s growth on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)


We're building digital transaction management.

If you think about it, every company in the world is a potential customer and every department is a potential customer.

We are taking these and investing in our digital transaction management platform and also focusing on key vote -- verticals like financial services, insurance, and especially with our over 500 partnerships we just announced last week, our long-term strategic order ship with microsoft.

We are integrating the product and that will expose us to one billion.

Why can't you do that inside the public company?

Why did you have to stay private to do that?

Classic gives us freedom to play out a lot of these chess moves and continue to make built to last investments.

We have our user conference starting today.

We will be announcing the trust foundation, which means bank security, carrier class availability.

Together with industry leaders, we are defining the standard in terms of security availability, privacy, openness, and all of that.

Let me ask you.

I talked to the guys about their decision to go public.

There was a belief there that just having a stock let alone a successful ipo helped open some boys in corporate america.

You have run public traded companies.

What do you see as the downside to having a publicly traded stock?

I see no downside, in terms of that.

What it allows us to do is it allows us to think long-term.

Our objective is to create a great long-term sustaining company and be that global standard.

We look at an ipo as financing and nothing more than that.

He recently did the same thing.

You've raised a lot of money instead of pursuing an ipo.

Why did you make the decision?

It is different.

Keith raised a good chunk of money but not really catching out existing investors.

We cashed out existing investors.

The people we took money from new we were not then i go public for very long time if ever.

A different strategy.

I do not think he would say he is not going public.

Were saying, just not this year.


There is tremendous opportunity.

If you think of some of our equity investors, salesforce, a number of strategic partners, it is fundamental to our strategy to thrive in a heterogeneous environment.

It brings much greater value to our customers.

There have been very successful tech ipos recently.

The environment seems quite good.

Why not take advantage of that now?

Is more than about the short-term money.

I think it is about building something great to last year look at our customers.

We have got 95,000 customers large and small.

We are putting 40,000 unique users on a day.

This is what we're focused on.

The thing that is whipping in the win for us is the tremendous it -- return on investment our customers are getting.

John will be speaking at our momentum conference.

150 countries and on average, they saved $30 per document and have reduced their turnaround time by 21 days.

It sounds like what you're hinting at is when you're at a public company, there is a pressure to focus on the quarter and maybe that is focusing on the ground game and not the long ball.

Is that what happens still at public companies?

I think it allows our entire leadership team to focus on our customers, and our partners, as opposed to when you are a public company and you focus on quarter after quarter after quarter.

We are taking advantage of that.

One next question.

How do you make sure you do not wait too long?

We allow our employees to sell shares.

For us, we have a great compensation program.

The employees, they see a giant tidal wave coming.

This is one of the biggest markets.

We have become the global standard.

They have their sights on the long-term.

Even more than that, i think really realize this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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