Documents Show Denial, Concealment in GM Switch

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April 11 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Yang Yang reports on new documents released by the House Energy and Commerce Committee revealing more missteps in the General Motors recall. She speaks to Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock. (Source: Bloomberg)

Another striking headline coming out has to do with the house energy and commerce committee.

We have released new documents that reveal more missteps in the general motors recall the came 10 years too late.

Yang yang joins us with the details.

What are these documents, how bad do they make gm look question or pretty bad.

We have 64 documents and hundreds of pages released by the energy and commerce committee.

It is one of many releases come.

Chairman fred upton said in a statement of these initial documents revealed failures within the system.

Not one of these documents is an e-mail that could be damaging, where it shows that the ceo was told of problems in 2011 when she was senior vice president of global products.

It could be damning because gm says that it was in no way contradicting her testimony preachy testified to congress where she swore under oath she didn't learn of the ignition switch problem until after she became ceo in january.

Gm is maintaining that power steering and ignition switch problems are not related.

We know that she knew of some problems, even if it doesn't go to the faulty ignition switch.

Some skeptics say if the car turns off and the power steering turns off, those could be related.

Other documents show exchanges with the raymond degeorgio.

He calls the problem impossible to modify.

He said he saw no issues with the airbag.

He signed off on parts that did not solve the problem.

In 2012 he suggested they only make the switch on vehicles rot in to dealerships -- brought into dealerships who saw problems themselves.

That would be $150 per switch.

Should they switch all of the model years for the chevy cobalt, that could have been $10. they are fighting over something as small as $10 that went to the deaths of 13 people.

They take away from this is that gm was slow to communicate.

Slow to act.

There is still much left to examine.

He will continue to follow the fax.

The ignition switch that we're talking about, this is something that was damaged because if you had keys on it, eventually a war out and became broken?

That is being described as one of the leading causes of the problem.

The problem where if there was too much weight on the ignition switch it would pull the car into the off position.

Because of that, we are seeing that possibly the ceo did perhaps no big problem.

She is saying that the power steering is unrelated.

Effect the matter is -- the fact

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