Do Super Bowl Ads Really Work for Car Companies?

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Jan. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Audi of America Director of Marketing Loren Angelo discusses the company's Super Bowl advertising plans on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Up in the super bowl, really carmaker seven at the top of the list as far as advertisers.

Last three years in a row.

Is it really that effective?

It really is.

We have been focused on getting america to see audi, to bring audi into the conversation so we are a brand that gets noticed, and what we are seeing is extensive list right after the super bowl, driving consumer interest and bringing audi into the conversation.

We have seen some pretty cool ads from 1984 to darth vader for your parent company, volkswagen.

What have you got planned for this year's super bowl?

We think the super bowl, as you know, is the greatest opportunity for creativity.

We think we are at our best when we start to make statements.

Give america a point of view and bring a little bit of american culture into the story, so whether it is talking a little bit about the different take on luxury or talking a little bit about the vampire trend being over, we have brought some interesting stories in years past.

This year, we have a phenomenal product we will be releasing the super bowl for the new a-3 the car clearly to be the engineering luxury sedan without any compromise, that drove us to a great story this year went -- sarah mclachlan -- loren, does every company strives to get to that level that's these jobs did 30 years ago with that 1984 commercial?

Is that the pinnacle, the big statement that everyone wants to make year in and year out when you advertise in the super bowl?

The goal with the super bowl is to connect with america.

We've got to bring a certain level of entertainment.

In some cases it is humor, in some cases it is more emotion, but you have to do something that is big.

That is what people are looking for.

They are there to watch.

And the goal is to make sure that you put those proper ingredients in.

It may be a celebrity, it may be a big powerful emotional story, or it may just be something that is truly humorous and connects to the cultural phenomenon.

We are showing kate upton right now, by the way, not to distract everybody from your message, but they have used a big celebrity, and you are using the doberuaua.

It is a little different than kate upton.

We think sarah mclachlan takes a little more out of the premium audi take and puts a little different position of what you can expect from automaker, and that is the big surprise, and that is what we plan to do.

Matt, you are a sarah mclachlan fan, are you?

I own all of the sarah mclachlan records, i will say, but i change the channel instantly when her commercials, for the aspca.

[laughter] i'm guessing they will play on that this year.

Loren, am i right, you play on her for those six minute long terrifying.

Torture commercials?

You are -- you are going down the right path, matt.

When you start to look at sarah, she has got a great reputation with her association with the aspca, but she has another great things was up she is a great songwriter, she has a great personality, and what you will see they slight change to what her traditional take has been with america, and that will be part of the funny nature of the story that we tell on super bowl sunday.

Matt is waiting for it.

I love it.

I'm a big fan.


Loren angelo, direct marketing for audi of america.

I want to turn to more advertising industry, when it comes to the super bowl and spending money.

Our next guest has worked with client such as subway, volkswagen, and audi for their super bowl ads.

What is an ad like that cost?

Well, you have got to understand the cost of the time in the super bowl is averaging about $4.5 million, which is at record highs this year for 30 seconds.

$4.5 million for 30 seconds?


That is not the only cost.

Today, this becomes a multimedia , multiweek marketing campaign that includes esa tv spot but

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