Do New iPhones Preview Apple's Next Big Thing?

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Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News's Adam Satariano offers a peek at the technology included in Apple's new iPhones that may hold clues to future products. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West."

Be bad news for companies that already have wearable devices, right?


It opens this area and allows other platforms to use it.

What about this fingerprint sensor and payments?

It is a secure way, if you were to go by a tv, and you can use your phone as a payment method, and then instead of signing a signature, you would put your finger down.

It is a way of confirming the purchase and showing it is actually you.

A lot of people are vying for a piece of the mobile payment market from paypal to foursquare -- top square.

At the moment they have more than 400 million credit card on file, they have this huge network of people who are buying apps to buying music, to buying music -- to buying new movies.

If you can extend that into the real world, you could make it an apt in the store -- app in the store.

Would this allow you to swipe your phone at the counter?

A uses a different type of technology, but it does work in a similar way.

The last clinging or story -- thing in your story, how mac could lead apple away from intel.

Tell me about that, . intel and apple had a partnership for a long time, but now apple is partnering with a different chip company.

The chips in the iphone are custom-made, and as they become work powerful, they may be able to put those in the mac.

There was a story a while back about how there was a research underway at apple , but there's no indication that is happening any time imminently.

How far away good stuff like this be?

Do we have any clues about the timing?

Not right now.

There have been a lot of reports coming out about reports on wearable devices, like the one we saw from samsung.

The area is definitely maturing.

With payments, with things like square and what ebay is doing with paypal, these are things for people to be watching.

Could be iwatch be trademarked?

Greg japan and other areas have been trying to do that.

There are little clues there.

We are looking forward to what is coming after that it quite thank you for doing some investigating for us.

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