Do New Facebook Search Tools Pose Privacy Problems?

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Sept. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Facebook is rolling out new tools that integrate posts from the world’s most popular social network with television broadcasts, stepping up competition with rival Web companies. Bloomberg's Jordan Robertson has more on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

What does this mean for the fight for your privacy and security on facebook?

What does this mean?

How does this strike you?

There are two things i want to mention.

The first, regarding the journalists, facebook certainly wants to be more relevant with news organizations now that twitter has consumed a lot of journalists attention, and twitter by nature being a public resource, it is very easy to connect with other journalists and mine the content for stories.

What facebook is doing is allowing the marketers to look at aggregated data about what people are searching for.

That is kind of useful, but it does not help you target ads or marketing.

It is seen almost as a week away -- weak way to a -- add data.

We are waiting for a statement from facebook specifically related to the privacy issues.

But they did a lot about it today.

In that post a right this -- is it risky for organization outside -- organizations outside facebook to have this kind of data?

Any time you open up a window into your organization -- and by that i mean facebook -- any time you allow third-party access to your data gilad there is always a possibility of -- to your data, there is always the possibility of compromise.

That is almost why it is interesting.

Facebook has so much data on us.

The way they are trying to monetize it through this new tool is a bit curious.

It will be kind of a weather vane for what people are talking about on line.

And quickly, you and i have talked a number of times about media organizations being hacked.

Of what if this data gets into the wrong hands?

Prophetic in interesting question.

Especially thing he about the journalists to tools, you know, a lot of journalists have resources on the site.

It allows the brands to be more publicly discussed.

There is not a lot of risk there.

However, when you're talking about data encompassing large amounts of people, should a mistake be made and some of that information is disclosed, someone could have a treasure trove.

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