Do Israelis Support Gaza Attacks as Deaths Rise?

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July 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Elliott Gotkine reports on support in Israel for the conflict in the Gaza Strip as casualties mount on both sides. He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Reacted to what they have observed in gaza?

By and large israelis support the israeli objective, the israeli operation in gaza.

Not to say that there is not a degree of discomfort at the rising toll of casualties on the palestinian side and in particular the toll on the israeli side.

29 israelis have been killed.

There are what, 570 plus palestinians killed.

A large number of those are children and noncombatants.

There is discomfort about it israelis by and large support the fact that this is something israel was reluctant to join into and it had to be done.

We focused on hamas and how they are distant from the cease-fire.

Secretary kerry and the egyptians are speaking of.

How close is israel to wanting a cease-fire?

Israel accepted the egyptian cease-fire proposal last week, hamas says it was not consulted.

It says it would go to egypt to discuss the proposals.

Kerry, due to meet with president al-sisi in the next half hour or so, has said the ball is in hamas' court to accept the cease-fire proposal.

Hamas is demanding not only in end to the blockade but also the release of prisoners that were really arrested during the search for the murders of three teenagers, three israeli teenagers.

You mentioned secretary of state kerry in cairo for meetings in about 30 minutes, do we have a sense of who is driving this?

Secretary kerry, the egyptians, somebody from either side, loss or israel -- hamas or israel?

The u.s. clearly thinks netanyahu has made his point.

Obama, saying israel has a right to defend itself, has expressed concern about the rising number of civilian casualties.

Kerry is not in town just to make up numbers, he feels he can make a difference, perhaps by knocking heads together.

The egyptians are no longer on the best of terms with hamas.

They are crushing the muslim brotherhood in egypt, a brother organization of hamas.

Although egyptian egypt is seen as the only one that can perhaps work on this cease-fire, it is not clear that hamas sees them as an impartial adjudicator.

Thank you, elliott gotkine from tel aviv.

You see the tension and the

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