Do Global Stocks Show Signs of a Bubble?

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May 5 (Bloomberg) –- In today’s “Global Outlook,” Bloomberg’s John Dawson takes a look at tech valuations on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move Asia.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Go it's impossible to us -- to choose a stock bubble.

Others say we have breathing space.

It is the subject in today's global outlook.

Cast your mind back to selloffs and this year replaced by social networking site said today.

Like the pre-2000 selloff, valuations are dangerous high.

Linkedin trading at 943 times earnings.

That is 91 times for facebook and 500 times for amazon.

Boeing, 17 times, rio tinto, nine times.

That, to me, is perspective.

The s&p 500 hit its highest level ever back in march of last year with the peak of 2007. this is despite income not actually recovering to 2007 levels.

Income per person has risen but it shows you therefore significant difference.

Why is this happening?

Your member alan greenspan's warning of exuberance?

Fast forward and we have quantitative easing.

The air is slowly being let out by what we call tapering.

Bottom line is, therefore, little strengthen the underlying economy and investors know it and are quite nervous.

The quarterly letter to investors, the chief investment officer says the s and p is already 65% overvalued and a signal for bursting is when it hits the mark which shows you the outlook and the snp surged since the trouble began march 2009. the index is 50% short of that level.

They say income many times --

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