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May 9 (Bloomberg) -- SodaStream Chief Executive Officer Daniel Birnbaum discusses the company’s growth strategy and decline in U.S. soda sales on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Content in soda and how sales are slowing down in the united states.

How do you position yourself as a company?

It is clear that the soda industry is going through it dramatic transformation as we speak.

Soda is down three percent in the united states last year as a category.

The diet sodas are down even more, almost seven percent.

This represents the opportunity to sodastream is that sparkling water is up 33% and sparkling flavored water is up 64%. those are driven by sodastream and other brands like skinny girl.

The consumer is moving away from the old soda with sugar and water looking for healthier choices.

I look at what you're doing and i'm glad you're working with skinny girl.

Take a question from fat guy -- with sodastream, you are talking about the bubbles.

How can you be more espresso -- like.

I like the idea of you guys replicating the espresso success.

How will you do that?

I think it is a risky business to parallel the coffee industry in soda.

In coffee land, if you want a good cup of coffee at home, you will have to make it.

You cannot open up the refrigerator and pull one out.

In soda land, you have a can of coke in the fridge but what the consumer wants is not that convenient.

The consumer wants to get away from the sugar, away from the artificial sweeteners, they want a healthier choice.

We do not aspire to be espresso.

We aspire to bring to the consumer what they want, healthier beverage, easy, convenient that could save money.

I want to talk to you about the israeli startup culture.

Sodastream is an israeli company.

The star of culture started in the tech space and has expanded above and beyond.

What is israel doing right that other countries need to start doing beyond getting someone like scarlet johansson on your team?

That it is a lot of elements that go into the israeli startup culture.

It's a combination of the values of the israeli people, the existential reality we live in every day to fight for our existence, our legitimacy, and even more so, this generation that has emerged from the ashes of the holocaust, this generation is determined to live a life of meaning and purpose and make every day count.

We challenge things and we invent things and we create things and we are not afraid to fail.

I think you call that c hutzpah.

I love how we book ended everything with that.

It is not being afraid to fail.

Also curbs.


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