Why Is the Most Powerful Woman in TV Quitting?

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March 12 (Bloomberg) -- Matt Belloni, Executive Editor at The Hollywood Reporter, examines the move by Anne Sweeney, co-chair of Walt Disney’s media networks group, to step down in January to pursue television directing on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Most powerful person possibly in tv suddenly says she wants to be a tv director.

What you make of this?

She said this has been a creative passion of hers for many years and has thought long and hard about it.

She told the hollywood reporter in her interview that she had been talking to different people in tv and is learned a lot and wants to pursue this.

Have we ever heard this about her before?

Has she ever mentioned this before?

She has not and that is led to speculation that perhaps she saw the writing on the wall, that she would not get the top job when bob iger leaves.

Both bob iger and anne sweeney say this is just something she was to pursue.

Do you believe it?

She has had a lot of success and she might have said this is something new.

How legitimate is a tv directing job?

The power players in hollywood who direct movies, named the director of a hollywood tv show.

It is a writer/producer medium, not a director made him so it's not as prestigious a job as being a film director.

That said, i tell it television has had a huge resurgence.

There is a lot of opportunity there.

You don't think she can get an opportunity in movies?

She could, perhaps, but she considers it a way to start and she said she will talk to the creator of "scandal" who she has a relationship with to get the lay of the land and start from there.

How does the exit package work?

She was offered a three-year contract renewal and took a one-year deal with goes to next january.

She will be out by the end of the year.

We are not quite sure what that packages.

Do you think any of this could be the result of declining viewership at abc?

You have seen the cable channels do well.

Could this have to do with underperformance?

The abc network is not doing well in prime time but there had been successes in the disney empire.

"good morning america" now beats nbc.

They have had successes in certain areas, just the prime time which is not doing well.

Bob is not tappinganne but who will he potentially?

The focus has been on tom skagg but some say sheryl sandberg at facebook might be an option but it is early and iger is not talking.

She will be interested until the end of the year.

Will there moves being made or will this be a slow slide?

Iger told us in the interview he would like to have someone new in place by the end of the tv pilot season which ends in may.

This could be a quick transition.

Thank you so much for breaking it down.

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