Disney Ticket Sales Hot for `Frozen'

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Nov. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Davidowitz & Associates' Howard Davidowitz and Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman discuss the outlook for Disney on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

It is very important.

Not every film is made for you and me.

They are catering to the kids.

This weekend -- this has been pretty big.

It is going to be measure versus some of the recent films, such as "tangled.?"" disney is trying to paint a picture of a sala 2013. some of the marvel films, "tho r," it is almost a chance for them to say we have a few different ones.

When you are talking disney, you are talking about one of the best marketers in the world.

It is not just at the box office, it is all the other merchandise.

Is the whole are tame the business.

Nobody is better at.

Disney -- it is the whole entertainment business.

Nobody is better at it.

One of the greatest marketers in the history of the u.s. for you to say that -- you think about all the merchandise getting tied in.

It drives the toy business.

What do you think drives these movies?

It is the whole basis of the business.

It is critical.

Jon, "hunger games" debuted at $161 million.

What are you hearing?

Getting up to around 200 million dollars into thanksgiving.

They might be closer to 300 million by the end of the weekend.

Taking a page out of disney's book, they might do theme parks, too.

Clothing based on the costumes.

I have seen a lot of corny lines because of the title of the film.

It is hot.

It is doing very well.

Investors are wondering can they repeat this with some of the other franchises.

That was produced by lions gate.

"mandela" opening today.

You talked to harvey weinstein, he has big expectations.

It is really good as a matter fact.

People will flock to "the hunger games." it is a way of putting a lot on films that maybe are not as commercial as they say.

I am telling you, i will put this movie against any other movie.

I against anything.

Some fighting words from harvey weinstein.

This is what that company does.

Getting close to awards season, they have a bunch of films they think could take home some trophies.

This is one of them.

They have got "the butler." and never of films that they start to position.

You are not the size of disney or going to the blockbuster crowd like lions gate.

You are looking for the ones that are going to have a message and take on some awards.

When you are speaking with harvey weinstein last week, -- earlier this week, he said it is an honest portrayal.

He is not putting nelson mandela on a pedestal.

He says this is a guy who was in perfect as well.

This is based on the biography for mandela, somebody he knows fairly well.

Something real.

There was a mandela film not too long ago, they are trying to differentiate.

Jon erlichman, always good having your trip -- your

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