Disney’s Iger on Thursday Night Football

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Feb. 5 (Bloomberg) –- Chairman & CEO of Disney Bob Iger discusses ABC’s plan to counter-program CBS’ Thursday Night Football. He speaks to Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Is teaming up with the nfl for thursday night football for 2014. disney had some interest in acquiring those rights as well.

Do you think about counterprogramming?

Like now that cbs has football on thursday nights, what do you do on abc?

I think it is a good opportunity for us.

Abc's lineup on thursday nights is pretty strong, particularly with "grey's anatomy" and "scandal." next season has not been determined yet, but the abc audience in prime time tends to skew more female than male, so i think it is a great opportunity.

Moving to cbs, they had success on that night really early on the night with "the big bang theory." moving that out so it is not competing with our shows probably will help us in some form.

I don't know, i think it is too early to speculate whether there is going to be tremendous counterprogramming.

Abc's strategy is what it is, regardless really up competition.

Abc knows what works for them and what their audiences, and they will continue to go after it.

I don't think that you will see appreciable change.

I think we are reminded of a

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