Disney’s 'Frozen' Mints Merchandising Millions

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April 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman breaks down the merchandising bonanza surrounding the Walt Disney film “Frozen” and how companies approach licensing of film products on Bloomberg Television’s “In the Loop.”

I know.

I'm the father of two little girls.

The insanity has taken over my home.

They thought they had a hit with this film.

I'm not sure disney knew this was going to be a billion-dollar franchise, but when that happens , there is a mad rush on merchandise.

Rate data be talking about ebay -- great day to be talking about ebay.

There are two stories on the dress.

I've become an expert.

There is the very specific elsa dress you can get on the ebay -- at the disney store, which is now being sold for big bucks on ebay.

And then there are the ones sold at walmart or toys r us.

Even those ones are hard to get.

It helps to explain the consumer products business for disney, which generated more than $3.5 billion last year for disney.

The stores themselves make up more than 1/3 of the revenue.

The lions share comes from licensing deals -- the lion's share comes from licensing deals.

We are talking about aliens and billions of disney things out there -- about billions and billions of disney things out there.

Some ending up in your own house, i'm getting the feeling.

Fortunately or unfortunately, i don't know.

These retailers have to get it right.

What is the big danger?

It is so tough.

If you are talking about introducing a new film, you never know.

Even with the established franchises, it doesn't always go how you would have thought.

Superheroes are a great example.

Take ironman.

"iron m-- take "iron man." they may have ended up with too many toys on the shelves.

That happens with "captain america," "spiderman." "frozen" stuff has done well.

Not everything else has done well.

I think that is one reason disney chooses to be a licensor.

You are taking some risk off the table and leaving some money on the table, but you get more steady business from that.

Jon erlichman, our bloomberg

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